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Weekly smARTips: 10 Reasons For An Artist Statement


This week’s smARTip:

10 Reasons For An Artist Statement

1. Because an artist statement affirms what you do, and by extension affirms you.

And none of us can ever have too much affirmation.

2. Because an artist statement calls out for you to recognize the true faces of your deepest self: truth, beauty, and goodness.

3. Because an artist statement invites you to experience another level of awareness about yourself and your art.

4. Because an artist statement strengthens the relationship you have with your work.

5. Because an artist statement builds a compelling bridge between your audience and your art.

6. Because an artist statement enriches the connection between the artist and the art.

7. Because it is practical. You can use your artist statement for:


8. Because it makes a deeper statement about self-trust, that you trust yourself enough to flow into another dimension of expression.

9. Because it is a powerful experience to use the tool of language to support what you love

10. Because you can.

Your smARTist Move of the week:

I really don’t care which reason reaches into your psyche and moves you to action.

Just pick one and go for it!

btw – if going for it feels more confusing than it should, seriously check out my book because I go to great lengths to make crafting your artist statement easy and satisfying.

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Live Call! Ariane Reviews 2 Artist Statements & Answers Your Questions


Come join me Wednesday, December 11th as I review 2 artist statements and share some other golden nuggets for you and your art!

We will talk about how to use your artist statement to expand the range of your connection with your viewers because… the more connections, the stickier you and your art becomes. The stickier you and your art become, the more they remember you!

Revealing what, how and why you do your art does not dismantle either the beauty or mystery of it. Quite the opposite. Your effort to reach out invites others to participate in the mystery and to share the beauty.

Here’s the scoop….

A Live Call with Ariane on

Wednesday, December 11th

7pm ET/ 6pm CT / 5pm MT / 4pm PT

Sign up right here to come live or get the recording afterwards!


I look forward to revealing the true spirit of your work!

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The Slippery Slope of Artist Statements

When you’ve read as many truly awful artist statements as I have, it begins to dawn on you that maybe, just maybe, the problem is at the very beginning before sliding down the slippery slope of awfulness.

What if accurately defining an artist statement was the first step, the very first step in writing a compelling, engaging statement that truly caught the attention of your viewers instead of making them yawn.

What if we start by answering the basic question: what the heck is it?

Here are 5 parts to that answer:

1. The Sticky Factor: An effective statement creates a personal connection to the artwork and stimulates our human thirst for “story.” This, in turn, triggers…

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Hiding Out, Eating In

hiding out eating inYou’ve known me to disappear from this blog before, yes? Which, considering I am a writer, is pretty darn odd.

I love to write. I don’t like blogging. Something wasn’t copesetic in Kansas.

And because this has been going on ever since I put this blog up, I knew browbeating myself wasn’t going to work.

So, what was? What was going to turn the tide? Pizza or Chinese?

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