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Guided Meditations for Visual Fine Artists


Ariane on NY subway w: red scarfFor a long time now I’ve felt a presence in and around me, only I haven’t known how speak about it.

Then, the lovely Maria Brophy (smARTist Telesummit presenter Put deals together: A totally out of the box use of creativity!) encouraged me to create guided meditations for my artists.

…something I had never considered.

Months went by, maybe even as long as a year, and then, one day, as I was talking about inspiration with my Blue Stocking Art Salon co-host, Lori Wolfson, the Goddess of Inspiration quietly and fully appeared.

If you want that story (it’s short), you can listen to the audio right here.

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And if you want to listen to the Goddess of Inspiration guided mediation,
you can sign up on the form below and I’ll immediately send you a link and
password for your direct access.

I love the Goddess of Inspiration!

6804_1240961lWe artists – creative types – need and benefit from meditations that are specifically produced just for us.

Unearthing Dreams

Unearthing Dreams

This meditation is believable, easy to listen to, and I liked how you convey your heart-felt belief in me as an artist.

I liked that I could be in my studio or outside in my imagination, and the length is just right.

Now I’m inspired to create something in my studio that sends a constant invitation to her.

Thank you. ~ Carol McIntyre


Sign up on this form and I’ll immediately send you a link and password for your direct access to the Goddess of Inspiration guided mediation.

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Dogs, Dolphins, and Nothing At All To Do With Art (or everything!)

#6It’s just about the same time of year. Bitter cold. The kind of cold even my wood stove has a hard time keeping up with.

It was 2010 and I was nowhere near recuperating from holding one of the smARTist Telesummits, tired at my core, and praying for a spring that was months away…


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Inside a barrel or watching the waves crash in?

Taking the month of August off, like they do in Europe, has totally changed my idea of “context.” Suddenly things I wasn’t even aware of are popping into view.

Like posts that are ready to come back around for a second reading.
From now until I return in Sept, I’ll be dishing up yummy leftovers.



Once upon a time, an artist I was working with spent a long time priming and polishing her artist statement for a very serious studio exhibition she was planning in Boston.

She had been working for over a year on a series of oil paintings that had taken her in new directions, and she was attending to every detail of the exhibit with loving care.

Her large, abstract work was engaging on its own. But when you got a chance to read about her process and her thoughts as she painted, the work took on an even larger presence.

Part of my job was to coach her on how to present her artist statement so it reflected the same attention to detail that her art did.

But, as the saying goes…you can lead a horse to water…

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Confidence (Part 1 of 5) – 3 Ways to Heat Up Your “Studio Confidence”

The comments you left on my last post about confidence made me realize this is a subject begging for more.

So let’s shake it out.

Let’s take each of the five points I made, last week, and expand in as many directions as we can in a 5-part series. (Well, if you count last week that would be 6 parts ;-) but who’s counting?)

And, I’m going to need your help for this. I’ll be able to nail down a few ideas, but it’s you, out there in the studio day after day, who can tell me what I can’t even imagine.

Here’s what I’m looking for, from you

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