Art Consultants: Are They Part of Your Mix?

gormanFor a lot of you, Geoffrey Gorman needs no introduction. Besides co-hosting the Art Career Mentor Program with me, Geoffrey has a long history of coaching other artists (but, alas, no more as he’s now devoted to full time art making!)

Over the years, Geoffrey has learned a thing or two about art consultants and agreed to share his latest outreach here on the smARTist Career Blog.

Without further ado, hereeeeeeeeeee’s Geoffrey!

A Quick ‘n Dirty Approach to Art Consultants

by Geoffrey Gorman


For many artists, working with art consultants is pretty unfamiliar ground. We have all heard of them, but what do they want and what do they do for us? After reading some other blog posts, it’s clear that they place and sell art, but how is it selected, priced and where is it placed?

Recently I wanted answers to those questions so I put together a mini-marketing plan  focused just for art consultants.

After looking at several of their websites, I came up with what I thought they would want to see via an email approach. Here is what I did:

1. I researched Art Consultants on the internet that worked with sculptors (because that’s what I create) and came up with 10 names.

2. From looking at their sites, I put together a brief intro to my work, something that would be concise and easy to read.

– Brief cover letter stating a few of my accomplishments, where I have shown my work, and my price range

–  Three images of representational pieces, both as attachments and in the body of the email

– An inventory list showing my retail prices

–  My resume as an attachment

3. I sent out the 10 emails to my list

Within a week I got three personal responses, which I thought was a pretty good return.

And this is what I found out…the ones that responded told me that the type of work I was creating was not suitable for their client base. It was too different and not ‘user’ friendly, in other words, the work might scare or confront their clients.

What I learned from this marketing campaign was not what I’d hope, but it was valuable information about where my market really is.

I was hoping to expand my client base, but I guess it will not be with art consultants.

This is not a referendum on your work, which may have a greater general appeal… and the only way you’ll find out is to get it out there and ask.


For a longer rant on all things “art consultant,” Geoffrey gave a thorough presentation at one of my smARTist Telesummit conferences,

“How to Sell Your Art Through Consultants,” which you can find, here, in the smARTist Store.

You will learn…

  • How to tell if an art consultant fits your situation
  • 3 ways to find an active consultant–and the 6 questions to ask
  • What you need to make them want to work with you
  • When, and how, to follow up and close the deal

And, btw, the store is in the middle of it’s “Round Two” Grand Opening Sale! 

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