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Weekly smARTips: The upside of the downside

smartist upside of the downside

Move your career into high gear… one tip at a time!

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The Upside of the Downside

If you’ve been paying attention, you will have noticed either a lapse in my blog responses to your comments, or a lag time, throughout this month of August.

This is because I made a commitment to myself last year, when I took an unprecedented three weeks vacation — all in row! — that the pay off in terms of my clarity, openness, and, yes, increased curiosity, was worth the aggravation of not being available 24/7 to my online biz.

When I returned in September of 2012 a changed woman – someone with a sparkle in her eye – I vowed…

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Weekly smARTips: Part 2: Who is an artist’s best resource?

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Move your career into high gear… one tip at a time!

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Part 2: Who is an artist’s best resource? 

While I was writing last week’s smARTip, Part 1 of the artist-to-artist relationship, Sari Grove commented on an earlier post about the Art-Selling Equilateral Triangle.

And, of course, I took a writing break to scan her comment.

Turns out it was way too fascinating to just scan (something I’ve learned about Sari – she’s not the scannable type). It also turns out that her War & Peace comment had a lot to say about the artist-to-artist relationship – from a whole other perspective. Sari’s comment changed the way I ended up writing this week’s smARTip.

It’s as if these blogging encounters ignore the expected boundaries of time and space, as if…

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Weekly smARTips: Part 1: Who is an artist’s best resource?

Who is an artists best resource part 1

Move your career into high gear… one tip at a time!

Your smARTip for this week:

Part 1: Who is an artist’s best resource? 

This week’s smARTip:
Who is an artist’s best resource?

As far as I can tell, artists can never have too many resources to help them navigate the white water rapids of the art world (can you tell it’s full out summertime over here?).

So when I hear artists ragging on one of their best resources ever, it’s hard for me to sit on my hands.

This may not be a surprise to many of you, but fellow artists are your best resource.

I’ve been beating this drum for years, and it still surprises me when artists respond…

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Weekly smARTips: From Dharma to Profit

Weekly smARTips From Dharma to Profit

Move your career into high gear… one tip at a time!

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From Dharma to Profit

Since my very first opening comments at the very first smARTist Telesummit in 2007, I’ve been talking about the relationship of our internal reality to our external reality, and vice versa.

And I had some push back that first year from artists who didn’t want to hear what they identified as “new age” or “woo woo.” These artists wanted practical information. Period.

My problem (not theirs) is that I’m hard wired to look under the hood of practical information to understand the psychological, emotional, or spiritual foundation.

It’s the very same instinct that turns up in my book on artist statements (again, challenged by artists who didn’t find value in looking under the hood).

Which, honestly, confused me a lot since I have always equated artists with curiosity.

And curiosity is…

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A Geometry Lesson for Selling Your Art

If you’ve been following my latest smARTips, I’ve been making the case that no side of the Art-Selling Equilateral Triangle can be left out.you_yourart_youraudience3

When learning how to sell your art successfully, there are 3 sides to consider equally.

1 -> You
2 -> Your Art
3 -> Your Audience

In experiential reality, of course, these three sides are always intertwined. We tease them out to make a point (or a few points).

What’s important here is that it’s the alignment…

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Stories From the “Sell My Art Diary”

dear diary_Stories From the Sell My Art Diary

Here’s my favorite “selling art” story, from one of my private clients. I’ll call her Marlene.

When Marlene first came to me, she was a prolific painter with a gaggle of galleries swirling about her, and sales pouring in the front door—all at the point our economy was thrashing about.

Her artistic fingerprint was undeniable. Her website needed some cleaning up, but most of her art career house was in pretty good order (though I can always find ways to dust and organize if you let me :-)

What was bugging Marlene the most was unease around her gallery relationships and wanting a way to understand who to say yes to and who to say no to (and why).

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My “Hate to Sell” Turnaround

My Hate to Sell Turnaround - to sell or not to sell

When I was fourteen and starting my first business (designing biz cards and a brochure made me life-long friends with the local printer who had never had a teen for a customer before), I loved selling.

And my customers loved buying.

I understood that what I was offering was needed and wanted and appreciated. And that being paid made me

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