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What Gets In The Way?

There were 36 hours this week when my normally plucky self completely derailed. You know, the equivalent of a dozen bad hair days slamming into you all at once.

Thank goodness, when that happens, I have a coach. A smart and compassionate one who doesn’t let me get away with much.

Her first question, when I confessed I’d woken up feeling like a failure, was: When did that start?

Well, of course, the part of me that preferred wallowing to working drew a blank.

I woke up that way, so hey, did it start in my sleep? (heading down dark paths of the psyche brings out my cheeky side)

What followed was a volley of questions (hers) and non-answers (mine). My coach is remarkably patient, or tenacious, depending on how “oh,-I’m-not-feeling-resistant” resistant I’m being.

I still don’t remember the exact moment I gave myself permission to…

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An Artist’s Random “Process” Dump

It is important for an artist to see progress in her work. Also…to learn when to stop drawing, when an image has achieved fullness…but this takes a long time and much patience.

I’ve got some morning time to draw today…difficult to get into though.

Grinding Gears as I Shift

It’s taking a complete switch of consciousness from my everyday accountability, of keeping my finances in order and other human duties, to a meditation on colors, forms, and spaces.

Once again I’m faced with the necessity of

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