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Brave New Art World: Part 1

First, there was the website hurdle. And now, even though I run into artists all the time who either don’t have a website, or have a single page they haven’t updated in a couple of years, everyone understands websites are the norm.

“Home” isn’t a metaphor anymore.

Then blogs hit the Internet pay dirt. And as with websites, blog chaos reigned for a while: what were you suppose to write? Who was your audience: other artists or your hoped-for collectors? Were blogs worth the time and effort? How could you monetize them? Should you monetize them?

Right on the blog heels…

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To Word Or Not

The next Blue Stocking Art Salon chat is coming up tomorrow and I thought I’d share another section from our first one in Nov.

It’s so rare that we take time to consider the more esoteric side of making art. But without that, how dry

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Oxymoron: Social Sites & Your Privacy


The Superior Court of Fresno County, California ruled against a blogger,  Cynthia Moreno, whose family suffered (business loss, death threats, etc.) as a result of her blog entry on MySpace,”Ode to Coalinga,” where she criticized the city of Coalinga and its residents.

Her blog post had been harvested off the Internet and reprinted in the local paper. Ms. Moreno…

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