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Art Consultants: Are They Part of Your Mix?

gormanFor a lot of you, Geoffrey Gorman needs no introduction. Besides co-hosting the Art Career Mentor Program with me, Geoffrey has a long history of coaching other artists (but, alas, no more as he’s now devoted to full time art making!)

Over the years, Geoffrey has learned a thing or two about art consultants and agreed to share his latest outreach here on the smARTist Career Blog.

Without further ado, hereeeeeeeeeee’s Geoffrey!

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Confidence In Your Relationship To Your Art (Part 2 of 5)

Welcome to the phantasmagorical world of Geoffrey Gorman_American Style Mag

Geoffrey Gorman, artist and partner in our Art Career Mentor Program, made a very provocative statement during one of our sessions. He said that “curiosity is the most important trait an artist can have.”

Arguably, he was referring to the making of art where an artist lubricates all parts of the process by staying open and curious about materials, about subject matter, and the message.

But I think there’s another dimension where curiosity will separate out the short pants from the long pants (now why isn’t there…

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Tuesday’s smARTISTs Bragging Rights

Congratulations to smARTist presenter Geoffrey Gorman on his artwork being featured in the October/November edition of the American Craft Magazine.

The “Unnatural History” article, by Gussie Fauntleroy, is a biography of Geoffrey and his art.

You can read it in the 2011 October/November edition of the magazine, or online here.

Geoffrey Gorman in American Craft Magazine

btw – Geoffrey’s coming to this year’s smARTist Telesummit 2012 as a special member of our brand-new, mid-week panel on collectors.

Be sure to jump on our Interest List so you get all the goodies, know about the Early Bird discount as soon as it goes up, and be the first in line to get a seat!

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