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Brave New Art World: Part 1

First, there was the website hurdle. And now, even though I run into artists all the time who either don’t have a website, or have a single page they haven’t updated in a couple of years, everyone understands websites are the norm.

“Home” isn’t a metaphor anymore.

Then blogs hit the Internet pay dirt. And as with websites, blog chaos reigned for a while: what were you suppose to write? Who was your audience: other artists or your hoped-for collectors? Were blogs worth the time and effort? How could you monetize them? Should you monetize them?

Right on the blog heels…

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Is Quirky Art Real Art? Part II

Okay, so this art is really not in question at all. And the materials aren’t exactly “quirky.” And yet… something about the whole way these images landed in my inbox gave these the same aura of quirkiness as our Marzipan babies of last week.

Heather Jansch - untitled
Heather Jansch – untitled


After these driftwood and oak horses turned up in an email, without an artist’s name, I was compelled enough to go searching on Google.  “Driftwood horses” did not lead me to the artist’s website, but to another website,  where I did find her name and her website: Heather Jansch.

What I found most interesting, on this viewing adventure, was that the presentation of her images was so much better on the website that was not her own.

And herein lies a caution tale for artists:

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