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Hiding Out in Plain Sight

I know, this is not the first time I’ve disappeared from my blog.

Thank goodness for all my smARTist Telesummit Alumni whose art is a balm for bad habits. (I’m waving to every single one of you!!!)

In the past, I’ve fallen off the blog wagon because, honestly, I wasn’t inspired.

And I’d beat myself with the wet noodle of: be disciplined, grl! You don’t need to date the muse every time you write a blog post.

I would scoot over to Alyson Stanfield’s blog or Joan Stewart’s and think: why the heck (well, maybe “heck” is more PG13 than I’m fesin’ up to) can’t I do that?

Be consistent.

Be concise.

Be clear.

Have a specific action for you to take/follow.

Then I’d go right back…

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Inauguration.  As defined in the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary: to dedicate ceremoniously: observe formally the beginning of.  To bring about the beginning of.

Japanese Buddha by Lori Wolfson

It occurs to me that in this Grand and Sweeping Inauguration, we as a (virtually) global culture, have brought into being a shared myth of hope, of equal respect for all, and of the relentless insistence on the chance for a new beginning.  To observe this happening, to watch us reach for this dream together, takes my breath away.  As an artist I find it terribly satisfying that the forces that drive my pulsing, loving heart and hand also seem to be tumbling and surging about all over this great big world.  That seems like a good thing to bring about the beginning of.


An Artist’s Random “Process” Dump

It is important for an artist to see progress in her work. Also…to learn when to stop drawing, when an image has achieved fullness…but this takes a long time and much patience.

I’ve got some morning time to draw today…difficult to get into though.

Grinding Gears as I Shift

It’s taking a complete switch of consciousness from my everyday accountability, of keeping my finances in order and other human duties, to a meditation on colors, forms, and spaces.

Once again I’m faced with the necessity of

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