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Part 1: What Is Your Relationship to Your Art?

what is your relationship to your art part 1

This week we held the 63rd conversation for my bi-monthly Blue Stocking Art Salon’s via the smARTist conference line.

Besides my lovely host, and even lovelier artist, Lori Wolfson, we were joined by 7 other artists—all curious to find out more from themselves, and each other, what it means to have a relationship with the art they make.

At first blush, the idea of “having a relationship” with your art may seem like a non-starter. Of course we have a relationship with whatever we do, so what’s the big deal?

My thought was that, for many artists, their relationship has been ongoing long enough that it is taken for granted, hardly given a second thought much less a second glance.

But since that relationship to your art is the entire foundation for your art career, I decided it was time to 

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Guided Meditations for Visual Fine Artists


Ariane on NY subway w: red scarfFor a long time now I’ve felt a presence in and around me, only I haven’t known how speak about it.

Then, the lovely Maria Brophy (smARTist Telesummit presenter Put deals together: A totally out of the box use of creativity!) encouraged me to create guided meditations for my artists.

…something I had never considered.

Months went by, maybe even as long as a year, and then, one day, as I was talking about inspiration with my Blue Stocking Art Salon co-host, Lori Wolfson, the Goddess of Inspiration quietly and fully appeared.

If you want that story (it’s short), you can listen to the audio right here.

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And if you want to listen to the Goddess of Inspiration guided mediation,
you can sign up on the form below and I’ll immediately send you a link and
password for your direct access.

I love the Goddess of Inspiration!

6804_1240961lWe artists – creative types – need and benefit from meditations that are specifically produced just for us.

Unearthing Dreams

Unearthing Dreams

This meditation is believable, easy to listen to, and I liked how you convey your heart-felt belief in me as an artist.

I liked that I could be in my studio or outside in my imagination, and the length is just right.

Now I’m inspired to create something in my studio that sends a constant invitation to her.

Thank you. ~ Carol McIntyre


Sign up on this form and I’ll immediately send you a link and password for your direct access to the Goddess of Inspiration guided mediation.

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WhOAh, My Peeps, You Did it!

YOU are unbelievable!

In less than 24 hours, over 250 of you stopped what you were doing, read my “Help” email, then jumped right in and voted for smARTist!

For those who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, it’s the Chase Small Business grant contest.

I only stumbled across this a couple of days before the deadline (tomorrow!) and the two basic requirements were 1) filling out the application, and 2) having your community vote for you.

Honestly, I didn’t have a moment during the day to do a darn thing about it. The application had penetrating questions I knew would take me a while to nail, so a huge part of me just let the opportunity go.

Only, another part of me (goodness, how many are there anyway ;-)…

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To Word Or Not

The next Blue Stocking Art Salon chat is coming up tomorrow and I thought I’d share another section from our first one in Nov.

It’s so rare that we take time to consider the more esoteric side of making art. But without that, how dry

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