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Confidence In Your Relationship To Your Art (Part 2 of 5)

Welcome to the phantasmagorical world of Geoffrey Gorman_American Style Mag

Geoffrey Gorman, artist and partner in our Art Career Mentor Program, made a very provocative statement during one of our sessions. He said that “curiosity is the most important trait an artist can have.”

Arguably, he was referring to the making of art where an artist lubricates all parts of the process by staying open and curious about materials, about subject matter, and the message.

But I think there’s another dimension where curiosity will separate out the short pants from the long pants (now why isn’t there…

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Courage in a Conference

As you may know, “Tuesday’s Bragging Rights” is an exclusive feature for the Alumni of the smARTist Telesummit – those artists who make a commitment to take their art careers to the next level – no excuses.

And every year, from the time the conference /telesummit begins–and for months and months afterwards–the artists who come tell me heart singing stories.

Here’s the latest one…

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The Artist’s Job




I have been thinking about art that is made as an offering of beauty to be shared, in contrast to art that is made as an enticement to critics and consumers.  These days it seems like we are coming at it from the wrong direction, regarding art mainly as…

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An Artist’s Random “Process” Dump

It is important for an artist to see progress in her work. Also…to learn when to stop drawing, when an image has achieved fullness…but this takes a long time and much patience.

I’ve got some morning time to draw today…difficult to get into though.

Grinding Gears as I Shift

It’s taking a complete switch of consciousness from my everyday accountability, of keeping my finances in order and other human duties, to a meditation on colors, forms, and spaces.

Once again I’m faced with the necessity of

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