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“Three Words” by smARTist Speaker, Barney Davey

Blogger extraordinaire, Chris Brogan, talked about how he concentrates on creating THREE WORDS that sum up all that he will focus on for the coming year. His ideas, as expected, are thoughtful and practical. You can read them on the link above.

Brogan uses this Three Words in lieu of New Year’s Resolutions. I loved the idea, never having found resolutions to be more than wishful thinking and broken promises. So, I took up the challenge of creating three words that will help…

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Barney Davey: Doing Outdoes Dreaming

Doing Out Does Dreaming

There is a deeply entrenched and equally misguided notion among many visual artists that the creative process is all about inspiration.

While certainly no one will argue being inspired is not valuable, others argue it is an overrated factor when it comes to being a successful artist. One such person is the incomparable Chuck Close.

Chuck Close’s career has been extraordinary by any standards. He has stood as a towering iconic figure on the contemporary art scene for decades. It would be easy for one to think inspiration drives his motivation.

Quite to the contrary, in a talk titled Painting Process / Process Painting for MOMA, he comes straightforward to say otherwise, “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just get to work.” Click the link below to see him in the short video.

The point Close makes is that more comes doing the work than it does waiting for the muse. This advice goes well beyond being practical for visual artists. It equally applies to any vocation.

I would put it this way: “Doing out does dreaming.” If you have been putting off doing the work while waiting for magical mystical inspiration, you would do well for yourself to heed the words of Chuck Close and just get to work.

Taking action creates consequences that often come in the manner of good things happening in the form of support that comes from unexpected sources.

Do not wait for anything when you can start now!

Watch this video for more about Chuck Close: