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Weekly smARTips: From Dharma to Profit

Weekly smARTips From Dharma to Profit

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Your smARTip for the week:

From Dharma to Profit

Since my very first opening comments at the very first smARTist Telesummit in 2007, I’ve been talking about the relationship of our internal reality to our external reality, and vice versa.

And I had some push back that first year from artists who didn’t want to hear what they identified as “new age” or “woo woo.” These artists wanted practical information. Period.

My problem (not theirs) is that I’m hard wired to look under the hood of practical information to understand the psychological, emotional, or spiritual foundation.

It’s the very same instinct that turns up in my book on artist statements (again, challenged by artists who didn’t find value in looking under the hood).

Which, honestly, confused me a lot since I have always equated artists with curiosity.

And curiosity is…

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