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I’m “Out of the Closet”

Something’s been bubbling up around here, an underground hot spring that finally shot up an unanticipated geyser last week on Lori Wolfson’s and my Blue Stocking Art Salon gathering. The most surprising thing was that the artists on the call weren’t particularly surprised. Turns out I’ve been walking my silent talk all along – and only I have been oblivious to how obvious it has been. Until last Wednesday, I thought I was perfectly happy to let the hot spring in my soul remain…

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The “Appreciation Connection” A Collector Won’t Forget!

by smARTist Speaker, Maria Brophy

There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to being successful in the business of art.  One of the most important pieces is connecting with your collectors. After all, without collectors, your artwork would be sitting in a back room, lonely, with no place to call home!

Before I share my number one technique on how to connect with your collectors, let’s talk about what it means to “connect.”

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“Three Words” by smARTist Speaker, Barney Davey

Blogger extraordinaire, Chris Brogan, talked about how he concentrates on creating THREE WORDS that sum up all that he will focus on for the coming year. His ideas, as expected, are thoughtful and practical. You can read them on the link above.

Brogan uses this Three Words in lieu of New Year’s Resolutions. I loved the idea, never having found resolutions to be more than wishful thinking and broken promises. So, I took up the challenge of creating three words that will help…

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To Word Or Not

The next Blue Stocking Art Salon chat is coming up tomorrow and I thought I’d share another section from our first one in Nov.

It’s so rare that we take time to consider the more esoteric side of making art. But without that, how dry

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#ArtBlue-What About The Power of Art?

It’s been almost two weeks since our first Blue Stocking Art Salon began and the emails continue to come in from artists who were with us live, and artists who listened to the recording.

In that first conversation, I commented on how refreshing it was to talk about something besides marketing and business.

And it seems that the artists on the call thought so too. Here are a couple of quick excerpts that Lori (my Art Salon compatriot!) pulled out…

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Blue Stockings, Uppity Women, and Art

"Saint Dancing" by Lori Wolfson

When artist Lori Wolfson and I began talking, oh some six or more years ago, we found ourselves quickly traipsing through a tangled underbrush of ideas that sent adrenalin spinning in our veins.

We might start, as women often do, with an update on our romantic relationships, or the latest challenge in our personal lives.

But we never actually landed in that domestic territory. Instead, something one of us would say would immediately cause us both to…

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Friday’s Featured smARTist

Breathe in the creativity, breathe out your own.

Christine Montague - Wistful on a Lake Huron Afternoon“Wistful on a Lake Huron Afternoon”

Christine Montague

Friday’s Featured smARTIST
are all alumni of the smARTist Telesummit


Friday’s Featured smARTist

Breathe in the creativity, breathe out your own.

T.M. Gand - Swing“Swing”

T.M. Gand

Friday’s Featured smARTIST
are all alumni of the smARTist Telesummit

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Dreaming Big Works!

Usually, the stream of emails pouring into my inbox, after the 7 days of the  smARTist Telesummit is over, comes from my amazing artist participants.

After four years of doing this, it never fails to humble me, and make me eternally grateful, that the work I’ve chosen is spinning out to light inspirational fires for those artists who are passionate and committed enough to join me, the speakers (leading authorities on different aspects of an artist’s career), and their fellow artists (the smARTist Telesummit Forum is a lively, artist-to-artist exchange of tips, tricks, and heartfelt, smart suggestions from a wealth of collective experience).

What never occurred to me, was that…

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New York City Art Fair-Is It Right For Your Art?

I have a lot of material in my smARTist library, but until this  year, Art Fairs were not high on my list.

All that changed when I met Richard Rothbard – artist, gallery owner, and art fair producer – at a CODA conference in Savannah, GA, where I was speaking this last spring.

Besides hosting CODA Conference attendees at his Savannah Gallery, Richard treated me to a very non-Southern meal of fantastic sushi and brought me on board for his Contemporary Art Fair NYC, a sister show to his American Craft Fair NYC.

I was fascinated by Richard’s enthusiasm for bringing artists to NYC at a price they could afford – since most high-end venue Art Fairs are truly exorbitant. But more than that, it occurred to me that Richard was carrying around a wealth of information on Art Fairs.

I realized, in short order, that no one had thought to…

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Late Night Parade

Last night as I was drifting into dreams the thought came to me that I am somehow searching for visual constants when I draw and paint from nature and from the works of other artists who came before me.

I spent eight days in a row drawing in the Rosicrucian Museum a few weeks ago, and found that on the last day or so…

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When the Screw Turns: Insurance Companies & Artists

I’m usurping Paul’s post today, so I can show you a letter sent to me by a fellow artist who wants to make sure you don’t fall into the Insurance company fat trap, as he did.

Bless his heart. He took the time to pen the following. It reveals a little known loophole that insurance companies have created to keep from paying you what is right fully yours. 

Thank you, Wm. Kelly Bailey. If even one artist pays attention to your story, you have won something back from all that you lost.

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Holy Days

Peace.  Quiet.  Let’s let time go, just for these few holy days. Let’s just for a moment put aside commerce and concentrate on matters of the heart and soul: ignite candles, adorn the world with tinsel and angels, and celebrate the return of the light.

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Cloud Leopard

It’s raining. The trunks of the great firs and redwoods are black with moisture.  It’s cold.  I retreat within.  Like a Cloud Leopard in the afternoon sun with nothing better to do, I need to languish in warmth and let that be enough.  I need to pause.    

The thoughts of doing and being will come again soon enough.  Opportunities for seeing and getting will offer themselves.  But in this moment I give myself permission to take a break.  

After all, these are the dark days of the year.  This is the far reach of the cycle.  I will rest on momentum as it swings around again toward the light.

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Sketchbook Number 2

People Studies #1

So interesting this Life,

always surprising,

always teaching.

When I try to capture, to tame it

& make it mine,

all I get

is hands full of thin air,

& worry.


when I let it speak to me

& truly listen,

oh, the stories it unfurls,



& full of


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