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John Currie - Steadfast“Steadfast”

John Currie

Friday’s Featured smARTIST
are all alumni of the smARTist Telesummit

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smARTist ‘09 Kicks Off with First Panel Discussion

I’m so excited by what just happened on the First Day of smARTist 2009 that I simply have to share some of it with you.

The five panel members…

as far afield from each other as Molly Gordon in Seattle, Guillermo Cuellar in New England, Nancy Marmalejo and Lucia Cappacionne in Southern California, and artist Shirley Williams in Ontario, Canada…

…seemed to be flowing from an interconnected river of knowledge as they responded to the questions that came straight from this year’s smARTist participants. 

I found the panel’s answers to be practical in their collective wisdom, that only when we…

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Story Time, Part Two: Listening to Art

This is the second of three “story” posts, all of which happened within a three hour span of time last winter when Visual Art was EVERYWHERE.

It began with tires and art, and then continued an hour later, as I was driving home, back from the Tire Wearhouse.

I was listening to NPR, which is a small miracle because the car that I drove before this one had no working radio. At the same time, I’m crawling along roads covered in wet snow, with flakes the size of a child’s palm floating down in slow motion. The woods on both sides of me ache with the cold beauty of…

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Story Time, Part One: Tired Art

This is the first of three “story” posts, all of which happened within a three hour span of time.

It is February 2008, right after a major snow storm that buried large parts of the Northeast, and I snail my way over to our local tire dealer, Tire Warehouse.  (Hard to imagine any surprises with a name like that.)

I need studded snow tires so I can make it down to New York City without sliding into a semi on Interstate 91. The radio is on full blast and I’m humming.

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