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Is Marketing Passé for Visual Artists?

is art marketing passe for visual artists

I have come to the startling conclusion that marketing is passé for visual fine artists.

That the whole concept of marketing in the art world has spiraled into a paint-by-numbers campaign with everyone trying to figure out the right formula.

There’s one set of rules for the 1% of the art world – the snob-filled, high-end world of auction houses and galleries where price lists are taboo – and another set of rules for the 99% of the art world – the artists who fill up the thousands and thousands of private galleries, art fairs, and museums sprinkled all around the globe.

The 1% crowd has no need for being approached through marketing. Their collectors are already captivated by their own lust for status, and catered to through strategies reserved for luxury and an overflowing bank account.

That leaves the 99% wondering how to sell their art while secretly yearning

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The Puppet Master Always Leaves Clues: Part 2

puppet master

Last time, we were looking at how you ferret out the invisible puppet strings directing any aspect of your art career by paying very close attention to the choices you make that don’t lead you in the direction you actually want.

There’s another well known way those puppet strings can operate with what comes off as a reasoned, friendly approach, but with such expert control there’s no way of catching the Puppet Master in the act.

Most often, it’s called

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The Puppet Master Always Leaves Clues: Part 1

puppet master

Last week, I wrote about the invisible puppet strings directing the course of one artist’s career.

And how the entire trajectory of that artist’s career changed once the Puppet Master had been revealed.

Where once the career had been flat lining, now it was moving ahead at the speed of illumination.

There are 3 secrets to this level of transformation

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Puppet Strings

ariane smartist puppet strings

True story.

An artist with 20 years of experience, an international presence, an impressive list of collectors, and decades of gallery experience hit a career wall.

The artist’s galleries were closing. The work was changing dramatically and not appealing to the previous collectors. And even though this artist had created a significant social media presence with interactive fans throughout the world, sales had nearly stalled, no exhibitions were in sight, and new galleries remained elusive.

When I posed the question, Why are you not selling any art? I got the initial answer I expected.

“My galleries are closing, previous collectors aren’t

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The Blame Game

blame game

Oh, I’m so excited. Last Sunday I released the full version of my new Manifesto For Visual Fine Artists  and already the questions are flying in from around the world.

And they are doing exactly what I was hoping: asking for clarification.

I knew when I wrote this that some things were self-evident to my brain, but could very well be more mysterious to another’s.

And artist Leonore Alaniz pointed out for me exactly where…

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The Manifesto’s North Star


manifestos north star

Last Sunday, I talked about why fulfilling a career in the visual arts is the Mt. Olympus climb that it seems to be, and why I feel so passionate about artists bringing their visions into the ever-expanding light of human consciousness.

Which, of course, brings up the question about what holds artists back from bringing their visions into the ever-expanding light of human consciousness.

I know from experience how easy, and almost automatic, it is to focus on what seems to be …

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A Big Idea

smARTist_the big idea art

There are many reasons why fulfilling a career in the visual arts is the Mt. Olympus climb that it seems to be.

For one, we hold a tangle of ideas about the arts within our collective consciousness, within our art institutions (not-for-profit and for-profit) and within our individual perspective about what it means to be an artist.

What all of these ideas share

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Change she Is a comin’ ‘round the Mountain


Months and months ago (I refuse to get nailed down here because I’m hiding out from how long it’s really been!), I hinted that things were changing over here at smARTist.

I hinted because, honestly, I didn’t know what else to do at the time.

Things were changing – I was changing – but those changes were in a state of fluid transition and so elusive I didn’t know how to articulate what was happening.

And for those of you who have been following me for years now, you

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