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To Word Or Not

The next Blue Stocking Art Salon chat is coming up tomorrow and I thought I’d share another section from our first one in Nov.

It’s so rare that we take time to consider the more esoteric side of making art. But without that, how dry

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#ArtBlue-What About The Power of Art?

It’s been almost two weeks since our first Blue Stocking Art Salon began and the emails continue to come in from artists who were with us live, and artists who listened to the recording.

In that first conversation, I commented on how refreshing it was to talk about something besides marketing and business.

And it seems that the artists on the call thought so too. Here are a couple of quick excerpts that Lori (my Art Salon compatriot!) pulled out…

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Staying Safe, Staying Hidden

It’s very late, even for me. 4am.

The clocks have swirled backwards an hour as daylight savings kicks in (saving what, I’ve always wondered…) and I think, what if I’m living an hour of my life forward (or backward), and how does that change my personal infinity timeline? Is the parallel me hanging out there…

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Exposure. Exposure. Exposure

Branding your artwork is like washing dishes: it never ends!

And exposure is the only way your branding can make an impact.

There are two levels of branding exposure you need to leverage for your art:
Free and Paid.

Both are important and both…

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Spring Cleaning Is In the Air!

Clearing out the old doesn’t have to be hard or dreadful.

If you have projects you haven’t completed and no longer love, if you’ve purchased materials that you resist or upset you, or if you have objects in your space that you haven’t touched in a year or more, you have energetically dead objects in your space. As you can imagine, these items stifle your joy and inspiration.

There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s hope — because clearing energetically dead objects is the best and easiest place to start

Want support? Ready to spring forward on the right foot?

First, check out the video…

Now, check out Studio Spa Day for artists.

A Four-Season class that keeps you in shape all year!

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A Very Short Story About Selling Art

Christine Montague - The Model Visits the Portrait Studio

Well, I guess a more appropriate title would be: An Open Letter With a Short, Short Story Tucked Inside.

This came from an artist, who was attending the smARTist Telesummit 2011, and wrote this forum post to one of the speakers, Jason Horejs.

Notice her progression from Sell my art? You gotta be kidding…

To…., well, here…read it for yourself…

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Meet smARTist 2011 Speaker Barney Davey

Barney Davey is the leading authority in the fine art print market and author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market: Creating Cash Flow from Original Art

Since 1988, Barney has been intimately involved in the art business. As a sales and marketing executive for Decor magazine and its sister Decor Expo tradeshows, Barney consulted with hundreds of the industry’s leading art publishers and self-published artists regarding their art marketing and advertising strategies.

His years of expertise and professionalism bring a wonderful addition to our smARTist Telesummit 2011.

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Meet smARTist 2011 Speaker Lori McNee

A successful painter in her own right, Lori McNee has tapped into Social Media and named “Top 10 Up and Coming Women Bloggers,” ranking as one of the “Most Influential Artists” on Twitter and “The Top 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter.” Lori was recently featured in the Arts section of The Huffington Post, as well as numerous popular blogs.

She truly is the guru for artists in the Social Media realm. Here are a few of her nuggets that she’ll be bringing to this year’s smARTist Telesummit…

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Why Do I Do This Anyway?

First I planned out this video to answer questions about smARTist Telesummit 2011.

Spent all day on it, and part of the evening. (Yeah, I’m pretty slow with some things…)

And… it felt all wrong. Yes, it was spot on marketing message.
Yes, I’d carefully thought it all out. Yes, it was “okay.”

It must have been around 10 or 11 pm when I finally connected with my heart and knew exactly what I wanted to tell you.

Here it is….

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Meet smARTist 2011 Speaker Jason Horejs

Art flows through Xanadu Gallery owner J. Jason Horejs’ veins. Second generation in the art business (Horejs’ father is the nationally recognized oil painter, John Horejs), Jason’s life has always been filled with art.

Even though he was not interested in pursuing a life as an artist, Jason fell in love with the business side of art at an early age. When he was 12, this future gallery owner was employed by his artist father to build custom canvas stretchers.

Jason Horejs has owned Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ for 8 years, and has been in the gallery business for 16 years. In addition to his ongoing work with artists and collectors through Xanadu, Jason has dedicated himself to passing along his knowledge of the gallery business to artists who want to build successful careers.

Jason designs all of his material by working closely with his parents and other artists, who have willingly passed along what they know about the gallery world, and all they’ve learned from trial and error.

And I am thrilled beyond thrilled as Jason shares his tips with us here at smARTist

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Meet smARTist 2011 Speaker Stanley John Bowman

Stan Bowman’s works have been exhibited nationally and internationally for over 40 years as a photographer, painter, and digital artist. He taught photography at Cornell University in the Art Department for 28 years. The past 10 years Stan has exhibited work frequently as abstract digital images and photographs printed on paper and canvas.

He loves drawing in Photoshop using a tablet, finding unexpected and intriguing abstract textures and patterns as he creates endless variations and is also creating panoramic “grand landscapes” photographs, including pictures of Cape Cod and upstate New York farmlands.

His giclee fine art print business began in 2001 although he started making his own prints 10 years earlier? Check out the birth of this business and you’ll see why I am just stoked to have him with us at smARTist 2011…

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Meet smARTist 2011 Speaker Daniel Tardent

Daniel Tardent is the Co-founder and COO of Beautiful Artist Websites and Espresso Artist Websites in Santa Monica, California. Focused primarily on the development of online marketing systems for artists, he also writes regularly for Art Marketing Secrets, and is the author of The Artist SEO Success System.

Daniel’s passion for helping artists succeed with the most powerful online marketing systems and tools available is backed by 20 years of experience selling to business and consumer markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

I am thrilled to have Daniel with us at smARTist Telesummit 2011 because what artist couldn’t use the best website, marketing information available these days?

Read below to find out more on Daniel’s smARTist presentation: Transform Your Website Into the Art-Marketing Machine You’ve Dreamed About!

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Meet smARTist 2011 Speaker Molly Gordon

Molly Gordon is a self-employment coach with the soul of an artist. She makes it easier for creative people who are allergic to business to do the things they need to do to succeed—without a personality transplant.

She’s shown thousands of accidental entrepreneurs–especially creative professionals–how to grow businesses that fit just right.

Molly comes to share her secrets with us at the smARTist Telesummit 2011: Art Pricing Secrets: How To Set, Negotiate, And Raise Your Prices For Maximum Impact Throughout Your Career

Find how to resist the urge below…

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Meet smARTist 2011 Speaker Daniel Grant

Daniel Grant, a contributing editor of American Artist magazine, was an art critic for Newsday in Long Island, New York and The Commercial-Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee. He has taught at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Connecticut, as well as lectured on artists’ career development at Yale School of Art, Amherst College, Smith College along with other colleges and universities.

He is the author of several books for artists at all career levels, including An Artist’s Guide—Making It in New York City, Selling Art Without Galleries, How to Grow as an Artist, The Fine Artist’s Career Guide, and The Artist’s Resource Handbook and The Writer’s Resource Handbook.

Daniel’s presentation for the smARTist Telesummit 2011Take Charge, Skip the Galleries, and Sell Your Art Directly – gives you tools to help you feel less isolated and more successful.

And he has very definite ideas about what makes success more likely…

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Meet smARTist 2011 Speaker Barbara Markoff

Barbara Markoff is a corporate art consultant in San Diego, and co-owner of Artrageous! – an art and framing company established in 1981.  After 3 decades of hands-on-experience with corporate clients, Barbara develops corporate art programs for a cross section of businesses in the fields of healthcare, hospitality, banking and finance, law, education, biotechnology, telecommunications, and commercial real estate.

It’s quite a coup to have such a seasoned professional working with us at the smARTist Telesummit 2011, where Barbara is going to give us the scoop on Selling Your Art To Corporations – Demystified!

Here’s Barbara’s business philosophy she’ll be sharing with us…

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