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10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists – Accountability

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A while back, I saw a suggestion about accountability that completely resonated with me.

At the time I was struggling to stay on track with my ebook series, 10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists. I’d completed the artist interviews, I’d outlined the ebook series, rough-drafted 5 of the 10 habits, and then I… hit a wall.

It wasn’t a dearth of ideas, or even

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Change is in The Air

ariane of smartist_change is in the air

Yesterday I begin a New Path, a New Decade in this lovely, challenging, soul-filled life I’ve been living on planet Earth.

It was my birth-day and everything in my life is changing. I’ve recently been proposed to, and accepted. I’ve realized that, as the artist I keep tucked away in my back pocket, my heart is open to my love of writing and editing and I must, finally, carve a space for that in my personal and professional life.

My deep connection to visual artists is the doorway to my love of all creatives.

I don’t know exactly how my New Path will unfold, but I pray that you will join me as I explore and expand all that I love about mentoring creative people on their creative career path.

I am now opening  my coaching and mentoring door for visual artists, writers, musicians, dancers, performers of all stripes.

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The Un-official “Artist Myth” Contest

Artists, more so than most occupations or careers, have an entire fleet of myths that dog them everywhere they turn. The problem is that these myths are based on just enough truth to make them feel real and determinant.

You know that stage of childhood when you put both hands over your eyes and were utterly convinced that no one could see you?

Sometimes, this seems to be the same effect our collective myths, about artists, have on the artists themselves.

Cover your eyes with a well-worn saying and no one can see you.

Or, maybe, the cover that one of these persistent myths provides

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