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Artists: Who Owns Your Copyright?


As some artists know, but as many unfortunately do not, by law, you own copyright on every work of art you produce, regardless of whether you register the copyright, regardless if you sign the piece or not.

Because copyright belongs to you, I advise that you never allow a client, especially a corporate one, to reproduce one of your works without a written agreement signed by you.

Especially, do not allow a corporation to produce greeting cards, brochures, posters, or…

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Certificate of Authenticity

All right, how many of you print a Certificate of Authenticity each time you sell a work?   Well if you don’t, and if no one ever told you what one should contain, here’s a simple example.  

Please note that I list title, medium, size and current value.  

Also note that I indicate to whom the copyright actually belongs, and how infringement is a VERY bad idea.  

Do I ever have to enforce this with an attorney?  

Nah; it’s better to stay on cool terms with everyone.  The big artillary should always be a last resort.

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Paul will be one of 11 Keynote speakers at the smARTist Telesummit in January 2009.  

His topic: Corporate Collectors: The New Medicis Where to find them and how to get in the door.  Just click onClick to learn moreunder his photo for all the details.


Stepping Into A Gallery Owner’s Shoes

So often it’s easy for artists to feel “ripped off” by the cut that a gallery takes for showing and promoting their work. Acknowledging that there can be unethical galleries here and there, what’s missing from the “ripped off” perspective is knowing what it takes to pull off a successful gallery gig.

So I thought sharing this exchange between myself and another gallery owner might shed some light.

A New York gallery owner and artist wrote me for advice.  He was having a very hard time staying open, and wanted to know if I could provide a little guidance.  Not long after I sent him my suggestions…

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You Need Galleries in More Than One City



Arlie Regier - Stainless Steel



Arlie Regier - Stainless Steel

When the sculptor Arlie Regier first came to me in 1994, he was as unknown an artist as I was a gallery owner.  But I instinctively realized that his works, some of them composed of 5000 pieces of stainless steel, would find a broad audience if I could just succeed at promoting him.  Man, did that take years of hard work for both him and me.  A new artist (he was 64 at the time) is always slow to be recognized.  But if you believe in the work and the artist…

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