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Back To The Drawing Board

In Motion by Lori Wolfson

It’s been great fun being here and sharing this wonderful blog, but it’s time for me to move on.  My work here is done. The canvas calls me and I must attend.

Have a wonderful time all you artists and good luck in all you do.  Until we meet again…

And thank you, Ariane, for the opportunity to spend this valuable and rewarding time here with you.  You are one of a kind and, as an artist, I can’t tell you how much your support and work out there in the world for us all means to me!

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The Pattern Is There Is No Pattern

Abstrace 1/3 by Lori Wolfson

Abstract 1/3 by Lori Wolfson

All is tumbling down.  How to proceed safely?  Where to step when everything is shifting?  Like Alice, falling, falling, I wonder at the strangeness of my surroundings as I sink.  What is this sudden hurtling rush of events and circumstances, and what am I to make of them?

Like the midpoint in a painting, when you’re far enough away from the beginning to…

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On Blogging

Grace Cathedral, New York City by Lori Wolfson

Grace Cathedral, New York City by Lori Wolfson

I used to look at writing a blog like being one of those people who get on the subway and tell their story to their briefly held captive audience.  Like when you’re on the train in New York and it stops, and people get off and people get on, and the doors close.  And then the train starts to move again.

And sometimes an unusual-looking person emerges from the dulled anonymity and proceeds to…

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But, enough about me,

what about you?

Why do you make art?

Blue Cat by Lori Wolfson

Blue Cat by Lori Wolfson

I mean, if all the outside rewards and possibilities of recognition and praise and money were removed from the picture, what would be left?

Do you ever think about what is at the core – the heart – of this need we have to make pictures?

Do you ever wonder?

To me it’s quite mysterious; I wonder all the time.

But, what about you?  What moves your hand and eye?