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Habits and Light Bulbs


We humans are creatures of habit.

From the time we wake up until we go to sleep (and even sleep!), the majority of our behavior has been created from repeating a pattern so many times it becomes habitual.

The good news is this saves us a lot of time. We don’t have to reinvent how to brush our teeth or tie our shoes (do shoes even have laces anymore??).

You might say it’s the brain’s equivalent to how our hearts beat, our lungs breath, and our teeth chew. A part of us is on autopilot, and thank goodness because

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10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists – Accountability

ariane of smartist_accountability 10 zen

A while back, I saw a suggestion about accountability that completely resonated with me.

At the time I was struggling to stay on track with my ebook series, 10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists. I’d completed the artist interviews, I’d outlined the ebook series, rough-drafted 5 of the 10 habits, and then I… hit a wall.

It wasn’t a dearth of ideas, or even

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Monday’s Featured Quote

“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”

~ Francis Bacon

Marilyn MacGregor's Working Mothers Handmade Art Book


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Change is in The Air

ariane of smartist_change is in the air

Yesterday I begin a New Path, a New Decade in this lovely, challenging, soul-filled life I’ve been living on planet Earth.

It was my birth-day and everything in my life is changing. I’ve recently been proposed to, and accepted. I’ve realized that, as the artist I keep tucked away in my back pocket, my heart is open to my love of writing and editing and I must, finally, carve a space for that in my personal and professional life.

My deep connection to visual artists is the doorway to my love of all creatives.

I don’t know exactly how my New Path will unfold, but I pray that you will join me as I explore and expand all that I love about mentoring creative people on their creative career path.

I am now opening  my coaching and mentoring door for visual artists, writers, musicians, dancers, performers of all stripes.

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