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A while back, I saw a suggestion about accountability that completely resonated with me.

At the time I was struggling to stay on track with my ebook series, 10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists. I’d completed the artist interviews, I’d outlined the ebook series, rough-drafted 5 of the 10 habits, and then I… hit a wall.

It wasn’t a dearth of ideas, or even a dry spell. I just couldn’t make myself write. I blocked out time on my calendar. Made it a first-part-of-the-day priority. And… nothing.

I did the classic 21st century equivalent of sharpening pencils – poked around in my inbox! Took care of sundry business details, my private coaching clients, ate well, slept well – and wrote nothing at all.

The weirdest part is that I wasn’t even panicked by this lapse of discipline and accountability.

And that’s when someone, who was being accountable and disciplined writing their newsletters and blogs and staying connected to their tribe, wrote a suggestion that felt right.

And it was so simple.

Add a line to your signature file, this person (I sadly can’t remember and so can’t credit—sigh), suggested.

And I did:

Goodwin, Ed.D., Creative Career Coach / Writer & Editor
Author of the forthcoming ebook series: 10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists

That one line, which I had to read every time I sent out an email, was a tap on the heart, day in and day out.

And it worked.

I’m happy to say that the first ebook in the 10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists series will be on its way to you by mid-April.

So, tell me, what accountability tricks do you have up your sleeve?


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