Change is in The Air

ariane of smartist_change is in the air

Yesterday I begin a New Path, a New Decade in this lovely, challenging, soul-filled life I’ve been living on planet Earth.

It was my birth-day and everything in my life is changing. I’ve recently been proposed to, and accepted. I’ve realized that, as the artist I keep tucked away in my back pocket, my heart is open to my love of writing and editing and I must, finally, carve a space for that in my personal and professional life.

My deep connection to visual artists is the doorway to my love of all creatives.

I don’t know exactly how my New Path will unfold, but I pray that you will join me as I explore and expand all that I love about mentoring creative people on their creative career path.

I am now opening  my coaching and mentoring door for visual artists, writers, musicians, dancers, performers of all stripes.

Please spread the word and let your creative friends and family know that I am here, ready to help them untangle whatever is stopping their dreams from total freedom and expression.

For all creatives are the True Expression of our Divine Nature in Action and we have the presence and power to unlock the collective consciousness to manifest its deepest creative essence.

I have, deep in my soul a true idealist who refuses to be seduced by skepticism, fear, or despair. My inner teenager is alive and well and she believes that…

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So, please tell me, what would you like to change in your life?

I’m going for the biggest Dream ever… Will you join me?

As Rachel Maddow would say, “Watch this space!”

10 Responses to “Change is in The Air”

  1. Ariane…

    Happy birthday! your 30s will be grand!!! Congrats on your proposal… exciting times ahead. I wish you all the best on your new path.


  2. Congratulations Ariane! You boldly go where your heart wants to be. Best wishes, Aletta

    • Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. says:

      Oh, Hi Aletta,
      How lovely to hear from you. It’s been a long, long time.

      It’s quite something ferreting out what the heart wants from what the mind can accomplish. Getting these aligned is so important, yes?

  3. Delores Rhodes says:

    Congratulations on a new decade and a new marriage! How wonderful is that?

    (I hope this is where you wanted comments about our changes.) My change has been a total commitment to making art. The simple, but challenging step is to make art every morning after breakfast. Art takes priority over everything else in the morning. Minimum time is 15 minutes, but it usually expands to a couple of hours. I then post the results on Facebook every day….every day. It’s been fabulous! I owe this change to the advise I have read in your posts and to a long talk with a mentor. Allowing myself to make art a priority is liberating.

    • Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. says:

      Yes, commitment to your heart’s art. I’m with you, Delores! Posting on FB is a good way to stay accountable.

      And, no worries, it was meant as a “marriage” proposal; you were absolutely right!

      I’m delighted that my posts have been of value to you. More coming soon as I unleash the next round of changes!

  4. Delores Rhodes says:

    Okay, I just realized that a proposal didn’t necessarily a marriage proposal. Oops! :-)

  5. Lori Wolfson says:

    I applaud this expansion you are making — in so many areas.
    What will be, I wonder, the form of this next evolution of yours? What will you learn as you engage with this new tribe of creatives, including but not limited to visual artists.
    It reminds me of traveling to to the ends of the known world to explore what lies beyond.
    I look forward to hearing more about what you are finding.

    • Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. says:

      I love the image of “traveling to the ends of the known world..” A little like my sentiment that artists, of all stripes, are the flag bearers who are leading humanity to the ever-evolvintg edge of creativity.

      I will absolutely keep all my creative tribe abreast of that this means…

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