Case Study Part 3: Tips – Showing-Up Consistently ~ It Works!

By guest artist Carol McIntyre



Last week, in Part 2, I shared two recent success stories that were a direct result of my social media presence.

In this last part of the “Showing-Up Consistently ~ It Works!” series of blog posts, I’d like to share a few tips I’ve discovered along the way.

Consistency + Images + Articles

I do not live by a schedule. However, I aim to consistently post at least 5-8 times a week – sometimes more, sometimes less.

In addition to my images, I also post relevant articles. Interestingly, people have told me that they appreciate these articles.


Whenever I post an image of one of my paintings, I always ask a question about the work to encourage engagement.

My questions are designed to encourage engagement, not put potential collectors and buyers on the spot like: “What do you think?” or “Do you like it?” or “Give me some feedback.”

I cringe when I see artists asking questions like that. Besides, any answer to one of these toss-off questions will not help you develop deeper relationships, or give you useful information.

Instead, if I am trying to evoke mystery, then I ask if they sense the mystery or not, and where? If I am struggling with a composition or color problem, I solicit their input.

Sometimes I will ask for a title suggestion, which is always fun. Often I inquire if they are feeling the emotion or concept that I am trying to convey. I have even asked, “When you first saw this image, where did your imagination go?” And, “What does this painting remind you of?”

Comments I receive from these questions are welcomed and provide valuable insights. I love hearing how people respond to my work and I adore learning about their perspectives. It spurs me on.

Could this kind of social media engagement facilitate or enhance me consistently showing up? I don’t know precisely, but I have faith that it does. Questions provide another way for people to remember my work and me. They have to stop for an extra second or two to consider their answer to my question even if they do not leave a comment.


I also believe in the power of the network. Every connection we make has the potential of introducing us to potentially 200+ more people. They can also become our “word of mouth” or “word of text” fans.

The New Reality

Remember that local art center director who first saw me on Facebook, which led to me getting into a two-person show this spring?

Well, while I was in a meeting with that art center’s staff to discuss the 2015 show, they mentioned that both of us in the show received extra ‘credit’ during their jurying process because we are involved in various online social media platforms.

Now if that doesn’t make you sit up and get serious about showing up consistently on Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and… ??? – I don’t know what would!

This art center, and I’m betting more and more visual art venues, wants its exhibiting artists to have the ability and willingness to market the show online.

The ambiguity of posting – who is noticing or who cares? – can cause us to doubt the time and effort we are spending. From my experience, however, I can say with some certainty that it is essential.

Being consistently active online, over a long period of time is invaluable to the success of your art career!

So, What Do You Think?

Where have you been consistently showing-up?

And has this led to success or frustration?

This is a conversation we really need to have!

When you do show up on your social media platforms, wouldn’t it be good to have more to add to the conversation?

When an artist is clear about their artist identity it gives them the confidence and foundation to create lasting relationships of trust with their past and future collectors.

My newest, relationship-building package — Your Artist Identity Discovery Package  — shines a light on your true identity as an artist so you can speak with confidence about the deepest aspects of your art in a way that feels authentic and compelling.

Your Artist Identity Discovery Package is a 90-minute, soul-to-soul conversation with me where you become 100% clear and 100% confident about how your artist identity impacts the art you make and the art you want to sell.


Since experiencing the “Artist Identity Discovery Package” with you, I have come to believe that you are both precise and aware. You won’t let me believe an answer I’ve come up with when it might not be right. I have more hope now that you can help me on a path that lets me be heart-wise and financially successful in my artistic expression/career.

Your precision, together with your heart and caring, and that you believe in my Soul as an artist, has been just right for me.  ~ film, photographer, and visual Artist (who must remain anonymous for politically sensitive reasons)


Your Artist Identity Discovery Package comes in 3 parts:

  1. An Artist identity Assessment Questionnaire: What do I know about my artist identity, past and present?
  1. Review & Assess: Where am I right now with my artist identity? Is anything missing or is this exactly where I want to be?
  1. Connecting the Dots: What do I want to convey with my art? How well is my artist identity aligning with that? And what is the best way to communicate this so I can successfully connect with potential collectors and buyers?

BONUS #1: Comes with a month of follow-up support by email for questions and feedback.

BONUS #2: Comes with a 60-minute, follow-up support session by phone or Skype three weeks after the initial session to help you make sure life doesn’t crowd out your transformations and illuminations.

Includes the Artist identity Assessment Questionnaire, a Workbook (to capture your thoughts during the session), and an Action Plan with Follow-up Homework (to support what you’ve learned and the steps going forward.)

My newest, relationship-building package — I’m offering this right now to my list and blog post readers for $400, which is a substantial savings from the $499 it will be when my new website goes live in January.

If you want to become 100% clear and 100% confident about how your artist identity impacts the art you make and the art you want to sell, email me ->  – and we’ll set up a time to talk.

6 Responses to “Case Study Part 3: Tips – Showing-Up Consistently ~ It Works!”

  1. mary alterman says:

    Lots to think about. I loved the introductory session with you, Ariane, and have been telling lots of friends about it. Also, since then, I have been thinking a lot about my “artist statement”, why I do art, who I am as an artist. Powerful stuff! Thanks!!!!

    • Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. says:

      I’m de-light-ed that the work we did together was helpful.

      Yes, the artist statement is a deep tool for getting to the foundation of what makes you tick as an artist.
      I also recommend getting clear on your artist identity before tackling your artist statement (thus the Artist Identity Discovery Package I’ve created above).

      If “those friends” are also artists, and if they sign up to be on my list, they too can come to one of my Live Group Coaching calls.

      Grabbing a copy of my “Manifesto for Artists Who Want to Sell More Art” on the home pg of this blog will put them on that list.

      Looking forward to our Soul-to-Soul Conversation!

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so transparently clear now!

  3. Another great post George, and a good summary of how to get started on-line. I’m not sure why you didn’t put affiliate links in your article though? All the companies you recommended are excellent, it wouldn’t cost your readers any extra, so why not earn some commission?? Just a thought…..:-)JohnHi John, Thank you again for your comment. It is greatly appreciated. I’m glad you liked my post. The reason I didn’t place any affiliate links in my post is…since my blog is fairly new, I want to gain my readers’ trust first, before I start just pitching things at them. Once they respect & trust me, I’ll feel comfortable to make offers to them. Best regards, George

  4. That’s not just logic. That’s really sensible.

  5. That’s a smart way of thinking about it.

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