Your Artist Identity: From The Beginning

Ariane of smARTist_Artist IdentityWhen I was a young girl, I spent a lot of time by myself hanging out on the edge of the Big Sur cliffs, a couple hundred feet above the pounding Pacific, reveling in the crash and roar of dragon waves hitting the rocks far below me, and smelling the salt spray as it rose into the air.

Or, I traipsed back in the canyon, under the cool cover of my fir-tree giants to play by a stream sparkling with water sprites as it tumbled down from the Santa Lucia Mountain Range.

Sometimes, the lady next door allowed me to play with her pen and ink drawn paper dolls in their elegant 18th Century dresses. I had to be very, very careful, as this was a privilege that could be taken away with one tear, one unintended lapse of attention.

What I sensed back then, even though I didn’t yet have language to complete the awareness, was this: in each of these different settings I was both the same person and a different person.

I had a central sense of an artist-self that never changed. And yet, there was another sense of self that did change.

From this beginning, I came to understand the power of identity and how it shaped my relationship to my art and the world, and simultaneously colored the world’s relationship to me.

And that it was not, as a single noun often implies, a single thing. It was a coat of many colors, many shapes and sounds, shifting over time. And, yes, it is also a core sense of self that never changes no matter what. 

Only, if someone hasn’t had this awareness, if someone hasn’t spent time getting to know their identity, life gets set on autopilot, at the whim of unconscious conditioning and triggers.

And the true power and beauty of identity is never tapped because it lives in the shadows of a self that is bound by the roar of other’s expectations or the reflex of self-preservation.

In other words, it’s an identity in chains.

If you are an artist, having an unconscious identity is a very difficult path. For one thing, I’m convinced it’s the basis for artists blanking out when someone asks: What do you do?  And as you start to explain, their eyes glaze over.

For another, without an awareness of your artist identity, what you do remains at a very elementary level in your consciousness. Waking up to who we are in a particular realm of our lives (in this case, your life as defined by being an artist), is the beginning of a path that becomes less foggy, with fewer roots to trip over, and more sunshine falling in-between the branches of your life.


If you are curious (and what artist isn’t curious?) about what would change if you decided to investigate your artist identity more fully, I’ve just put the last touches on Your Artist Identity Discovery Package: Shining a light on your true identity as an artist.

This is a 90-minute, soul-to-soul conversation with me where you become 100% clear and 100% confident about how your artist identity impacts the art you make and the art you want to sell.

Your Artist Identity Discovery Package has 3 parts:

  1. An Artist identity Assessment Questionnaire: What do I know about my artist identity, past and present?
  1. Review & Assess: Where am I right now with my artist identity? Is anything missing or is this exactly where I want to be?
  1. Connecting the Dots: What do I want to convey with my art? How well is my artist identity aligning with that? And what is the best way to communicate this so I can successfully connect with potential collectors and buyers?

BONUS #1: Comes with a month of follow-up support by email for questions and feedback.

BONUS #2: Comes with a 60-minute, follow-up support session by phone or Skype three weeks after the initial session to help you make sure life doesn’t crowd out your transformations and illuminations.

Includes the Artist identity Assessment Questionnaire, a Workbook (to capture your thoughts during the session), and an Action Plan with Follow-up Homework (to support what you’ve learned and the steps going forward.)

I’m offering this right now to my list and blog post readers for $400, which is a substantial savings from the $525 it will be when my new website goes live in January.

If you want to become 100% clear and 100% confident about how your artist identity impacts the art you make and the art you want to sell, email me ->  – and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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