Will The Real Me Please Stand Up!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty clear that the Ariane who talks with her first-born daughter is miles different from the Ariane who talks to her girl friend clear across the country.

Or the Ariane who interacts with her private artist clients is not the same gal rocking out, hard, on the dance floor for hours.

Sometimes one of my Arianes feels powerful and transcendent. Other times one of my other Arianes feels vulnerable and tender.

And yet, at my core, all these Arianes are hooked up to a clear, vibrant center of Self that has characteristics in common with all the other Arianes—like embracing creative fireworks, fighting like a scrappy mongrel for justice, picking up small wounded creatures off the sidewalk, or stopping to marvel for the hundred thousandth time at the moon (new, full, on its back, or as a slice of lemon…).

How is this possible? To be the many and the one?

And what happens when I ignore or turn my back on one of these Arianes who might want my attention, only I’m so fixated on the Ariane who seems currently in charge that I don’t give this less dominant Ariane the time of day?

I have a story about what happens (in a minute), but first I want to note that the day I journaled and discovered that I had, internally, a whole inner family of very different Arianes, I rose from my desk to get a glass of water from the kitchen and had this euphoric experience of feeling the pleasurable paradox of being one identity made up of many identities.

And since then, life has not been the same.

Once I acknowledged this internal dynamic of many singular, yet whole identities, I felt more complete than at any other time in my life.

I also had a fascinating new paradigm for creating, not to mention insights into my psyche that have helped me in my art career coaching practice (thank you, Self!).

Here, I have an inner conversation exercise for you:

  1. Sit in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed and where you can write by hand for at least one hour.
  2. Light a candle – a symbol of your attention and intention before beginning the exercise.
  3. Hold the pen or pencil in your dominant hand (right for many/left for others) and write this question: Is there a [write your name] who has something to say to me?
  4. Switch the writing implement into your other hand to respond.
  5. No matter what the response, begin your dominant hand response with: May I ask your name, please?
  6. Switch to your non-dominant hand for a response.
  7. Switch to your dominant hand to respond back.

In other words, have a conversation with one of your many identities.

This is an excellent way to illicit very specific information about an art piece you are working on – if you get stuck, just want to deepen your connection to the piece, or for the fun of it!

And about that story about what happens when we ignore one of our inner identities who is trying to get our attention?

Let’s save that for the next time, shall we?


IF you are curious about what would change if you decided to investigate your artist identity, I’ve just put the last touches on Your Artist Identity Discovery Package: Shining a light on your true identity as an artist.

This is a 90-minute, soul-to-soul conversation with me where you become 100% clear and 100% confident about how your artist identity impacts the art you make and the art you want to sell.

Your Artist Identity Discovery Package has 3 parts:

  1. An Artist identity Assessment Questionnaire: What do I know about my artist identity, past and present?
  1. Review & Assess: Where am I right now with my artist identity? Is anything missing or is this exactly where I want to be?
  1. Connecting the Dots: What do I want to convey with my art? How well is my artist identity aligning with that? And what is the best way to communicate this so I can successfully connect with potential collectors and buyers?

BONUS #1: Comes with a month of follow-up support by email for questions and feedback.

BONUS #2: Comes with a 60-minute, follow-up support session by phone or Skype three weeks after the initial session to help you make sure life doesn’t crowd out your transformations and illuminations.

Includes the Artist identity Assessment Questionnaire, a Workbook (to capture your thoughts during the session), and an Action Plan with Follow-up Homework (to support what you’ve learned and the steps going forward.)

I’m offering this right now to my list and blog post readers for $400, which is a substantial savings from the $499 it will be when my new website goes live in January.

If you want to become 100% clear and 100% confident about how your artist identity impacts the art you make and the art you want to sell, email me -> ariane@smARTist.com  – and we’ll set up a time to talk.

4 Responses to “Will The Real Me Please Stand Up!”

  1. Kate Aubrey says:

    Watch out, Ariane. You may have put off dealing with the Ariane who wanted to tell the story of what happens when you put off dealing……. LOL

    For me, dreams happen. Usually uncomfortable ones. Discontent accompanies or follows the dreams. Sometimes fear.
    Leave it long enough, and depression kicks in, and more fear.

    Interesting note: my Vipassana meditation teacher told us once that the emotion which underlies all uncomfortable emotions is fear. So far, I haven’t proven him wrong.

    It’s a lot more fun to be in touch with them all and remember to pay attention. My dreams are usually my first kick in the pants when I have been ignoring someone/myself.


    • Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. says:

      Yes, Kate, dreams are a god send. Also those moments when you hear yourself and think “now, where did THAT come from?”

  2. Carol says:

    Hi Ariane;
    Just had to let you know that the ‘performing’ Carol was in full force last night. I was teaching/presenting to the local watercolor society about how to mix greens with ease.

    As we said when I was younger, “Someone put a nickel in you.” I haven’t done something like this in a long time.

    Could it be that I have not let that ‘Carol’ out enough?

    • Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. says:

      Yeah, and, I don’t think it would be a nickel today :-)

      Best way to answer your Q about “that” Carol is to have a non-dominant hand conversation, yes?

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