Case Study Part 1: Showing-Up Consistently ~ It Works!

By guest artist Carol McIntyre


In today’s cyber space artists around the wide post thousands of their images on various social media platforms, never knowing if it matters or if it is working.

Like a flock of birds in flight, our artwork images fly into never-never land. We don’t know where they land. We can see how many ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and ‘pins,’ etc., occur, but are these people the only ones that see our images? Also, given the number of clicks and comments we might receive, what does that actually mean? Where do our images go? Is it just a big black hole?

Social Media Is The Ultimate In Ambiguity

…and can can feed a sense of insecurity.  When we are not sure of something, it is difficult to keep plugging away. We wonder if our posts are making a difference in our marketing and in building a base of fans and followers.

At the same time, ambiguity is something we artists deal with regularly because we must accept the unknown when we transform what is in our mind’s eye into our creations. Through faith, skill and the need to express ourselves, we persist with this ambiguity.

The difference between our creative ambiguity and cyber space ambiguity is that our creative output ultimately provides us with something concrete.

Showing Up Builds Trust

One way I have learned to persist through ambiguity is by showing-up as the artist I am—not periodically or sporadically, but consistently in a way that is authentic and focused.

For example, I rarely post personal information or activities. The focus for nearly every post is related to being an artist and the work I create, which is my approach for both my personal pages and fan pages on Facebook.

When we are consistent in our posts, along with attending in-person business and networking events, people begin to trust our commitment. They begin to believe that what you do and why you do it is real, not a passing activity.

Interacting with people online and in-person facilitates relationships based on trust, which cannot be established with infrequent or intermittent visits. Online and in-person conversations start to evolve the more frequently we see each other or our work. I have developed real friendships and connections online and have met a few in-person when our geographic paths have crossed.

And recently I’ve learned exactly what kind of practical outcomes occur when I build relationships through the various platforms and connections of the ambiguous world of social media.

In Case Study Part 2: Showing-Up Consistently ~ It Works! I’ll tell you about two exciting ways that showing-up consistently has been working for me.

What I’d like to know now is, what has worked for you with your social media interactions?


IF you are curious about what would change if you decided to investigate your artist identity, I’ve just put the last touches on Your Artist Identity Discovery Package: Shining a light on your true identity as an artist.

This is a 90-minute, soul-to-soul conversation with me where you become 100% clear and 100% confident about how your artist identity impacts the art you make and the art you want to sell.


Since experiencing the “Artist Identity Discovery Package” with you, I have come to believe that you are both precise and aware. You won’t let me believe an answer I’ve come up with when it might not be right. I have more hope now that you can help me on a path that lets me be heart-wise and financially successful in my artistic expression/career.

Your precision, together with your heart and caring, and that you believe in my Soul as an artist, has been just right for me.  ~ film, photographer, and visual Artist (who must remain anonymous for politically sensitive reasons)


Your Artist Identity Discovery Package has 3 parts:

  1. An Artist identity Assessment Questionnaire: What do I know about my artist identity, past and present?
  1. Review & Assess: Where am I right now with my artist identity? Is anything missing or is this exactly where I want to be?
  1. Connecting the Dots: What do I want to convey with my art? How well is my artist identity aligning with that? And what is the best way to communicate this so I can successfully connect with potential collectors and buyers?

BONUS #1: Comes with a month of follow-up support by email for questions and feedback.

BONUS #2: Comes with a 60-minute, follow-up support session by phone or Skype three weeks after the initial session to help you make sure life doesn’t crowd out your transformations and illuminations.

Includes the Artist identity Assessment Questionnaire, a Workbook (to capture your thoughts during the session), and an Action Plan with Follow-up Homework (to support what you’ve learned and the steps going forward.)

I’m offering this right now to my list and blog post readers for $400, which is a substantial savings from the $499 it will be when my new website goes live in January.

If you want to become 100% clear and 100% confident about how your artist identity impacts the art you make and the art you want to sell, email me ->  – and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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