Part 1: What Is Your Relationship to Your Art?

what is your relationship to your art part 1

This week we held the 63rd conversation for my bi-monthly Blue Stocking Art Salon’s via the smARTist conference line.

Besides my lovely host, and even lovelier artist, Lori Wolfson, we were joined by 7 other artists—all curious to find out more from themselves, and each other, what it means to have a relationship with the art they make.

At first blush, the idea of “having a relationship” with your art may seem like a non-starter. Of course we have a relationship with whatever we do, so what’s the big deal?

My thought was that, for many artists, their relationship has been ongoing long enough that it is taken for granted, hardly given a second thought much less a second glance.

But since that relationship to your art is the entire foundation for your art career, I decided it was time to  shake off the cobwebs and bring it up for some fresh air.

What came to light during our hour-long call was both ordinary and revelatory and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

First off, I think we need to establish…

Yes, I Have a Relationship with My Art…duh… and So What?

Artists have a very different career path than most professionals because the work they do is so entwined with their psyches, their personalities, and the most intimate connections to a sense of self.

Putting aside production, big eyes on black velvet, and what’s purely decorative, artwork seems to be a direct extension of an artist’s soul. Artists feel something vital and alive and deeply engaging when they are immersed in making a piece.

There is a connection between their hand and heart and mind and the piece they are working on that amounts to a kind of dialogue. A mark is made there, behind that line, then it speaks its truth (yes, I like it here, let’s stay OR no, I don’t feel complete yet, something’s missing, move me over…)

Is it possible that it’s the artist’s relationship to the art where the magic begins, and this is the starting point where people who are not artists look with a kind of awe on those who are?

Because, if that is true, then for an artist to take the time and energy to reflect on their relationship to their art seems to be the foundation for how an artist then engages in a conversation about their work with someone who is interested and a potential member of their fan club.

Let’s Do That Here

Let’s have that conversation. Go ahead, dive in and tell me how you experience your relationship to your art?

Is it complex and ever changing? Is it the place of deepest solace for wounds and despair? Is it the light at the end of the tunnel? Is it pure joy?

But don’t stop there. Don’t settle for a description of your relationship to your art, dig down and see if there’s something you haven’t yet revealed even to yourself – if there’s any surprise waiting for you as you lift the curtain on this oh-so-obvious aspect of you and your art.

Then, pretty please, comment here – share your insights because that’s the whole point of this community of smARTISTs.

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If you are one of the rare artists who has done the work of understanding the value of your art, please comment here and tell me what you have discovered.


My new Manifesto For Visual Fine Artists is all about making sure you have the tools you need to develop the kinds of relationships a thriving artist needs most.

The Entire Manifesto Is Ready For You

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I need my intrepid artists, the ones who find a resonance with exploring how we can all step so fully into our own creative flow that the collective consciousness of humanity also wakes up and steps into its collective creative flow.

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The Next Step

I have been coaching visual artists on their career path to Visionary Affluence since 2004.

That’s the ten-year minimum it takes to master any skill—not to say I’ve actually mastered anything. Just letting you know I have logged the 10,000 hours it takes to run fast enough, flap your wings hard enough, and leap high enough to discover whether or not you can fly.

And what I can tell you is how remarkable the view is from 10,000 hours above the creative landscape.  I can spot enclaves of my artists as they sit ‘round mythical campfires at different levels of the Mt. Olympus climb to their dreams.

Leaning into the smell of a wood fire, these artists – intrepid visionaries every one – share their experiences with each other. A hawk cries out and circles overhead as the mountain range frames a bold streak of sunset sky deepening to blood red.

I invite you to join your fellow artists, and me, under the emerging stars of your own visions, where the expansive beauty of the horizon calls out, the fire is warm, and the truth of your heart is irresistible!

Your Truth – Your Power – Your Art

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