Paradox and Creativity by Robert Fritz

I’ve often felt that paradox is the highest level of human intelligence, at least at this point in our evolution.

It’s certainly one of the hallmarks of creative behavior, also known as Janusian Thinking (Janus being the Greek god with two heads facing in opposite directions).

When you can hold opposite perspectives, ideas, or feelings simultaneously, you free your mind from automatic, familiar patterns of thinking and behavior.

You open the door for more possibilities.

Robert Fritz, one of the keynote speakers at a smARTist Telesummit, has another take on paradox and how it supports your creativity.

Check it out and let me know you think…


fritzThe Paradoxical Flow of Creativity

by Robert Fritz

When we create, we do two things that are apparently opposite.

We actively focus the creative process toward the full manifestation of our vision, while at the same time allowing ourselves to be aimless and non-directive.

We are narrow and wide, active and passive, Yin and Yang.

Too often, artists obsess on only one side of the Yin/Yang equation.  Some make a point to be open and aimless, with no outcome in mind.  Go with the flow, don’t try to control, let it all hang out, wait for inspiration to hit.

Others are willpower freaks, overcoming obstacles, staying positive, using determination and commitment to forge their way to success.

Alone, neither approach is productive.  We must have both Yin and Yang.  We must narrow our focus to what we are creating, and at the same time broaden awareness to allow unimagined insight to surface.

When we create, we are actively involved in a dynamic, controlled decision-making process and at the same time in a state of relaxation, passively receptive, relinquishing control, and able to let go of the vision we are so hotly pursuing.

While both the Yin and the Yang co-exist, sometimes we are more focused on one aspect than the other. And we may shift our attention often. Yet a true balance of both aspects of the Yin/Yang principle are in play the entire time, always playing equal roles in the creative process.

My new Manifesto For Visual Fine Artists is all about making sure you have the tools you need to embrace paradox so the full satisfaction of success is yours for the taking.

The Entire Manifesto Is Ready For You

My plan is to use this Sunday Series of Blog Posts to tease out sections of the manifesto and illuminate, ruminate, and expand, but I can’t do this alone.

I need my intrepid artists, the ones who find a resonance with exploring how we can all step so fully into our own creative flow that the collective consciousness of humanity also wakes up and steps into its collective creative flow.

If you would like a copy of the entire Manifesto For Visual Fine Artists, click here.

I want to hear … no, I need to hear about the principles you believe will take you closer and closer to the visionary summit of the truth and power in your art.

So, please… Tell me….

The Next Step

I have been coaching visual artists on their career path to Visionary Affluence since 2004.

That’s the ten-year minimum it takes to master any skill—not to say I’ve actually mastered anything. Just letting you know I have logged the 10,000 hours it takes to run fast enough, flap your wings hard enough, and leap high enough to discover whether or not you can fly.

And what I can tell you is how remarkable the view is from 10,000 hours above the creative landscape.  I can spot enclaves of my artists as they sit ‘round mythical campfires at different levels of the Mt. Olympus climb to their dreams.

Leaning into the smell of a wood fire, these artists – intrepid visionaries every one – share their experiences with each other. A hawk cries out and circles overhead as the mountain range frames a bold streak of sunset sky deepening to blood red.

I invite you to join your fellow artists, and me, under the emerging stars of your own visions, where the expansive beauty of the horizon calls out, the fire is warm, and the truth of your heart is irresistible!

Your Truth – Your Power – Your Art

Click here to get your download.

And I’ll keep you posted on the exciting new events, webinars, trainings, books, and successful artist interviews I’m mapping out as we climb this dream summit together.

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