Is Marketing Passé for Visual Artists?

is art marketing passe for visual artists

I have come to the startling conclusion that marketing is passé for visual fine artists.

That the whole concept of marketing in the art world has spiraled into a paint-by-numbers campaign with everyone trying to figure out the right formula.

There’s one set of rules for the 1% of the art world – the snob-filled, high-end world of auction houses and galleries where price lists are taboo – and another set of rules for the 99% of the art world – the artists who fill up the thousands and thousands of private galleries, art fairs, and museums sprinkled all around the globe.

The 1% crowd has no need for being approached through marketing. Their collectors are already captivated by their own lust for status, and catered to through strategies reserved for luxury and an overflowing bank account.

That leaves the 99% wondering how to sell their art while secretly yearning to enter the ranks of the 1%.

So, What’s An Artist To Do?

What if we just threw out the entire concept of marketing – just heaved it overboard? Let it decompose from exposure to sunlight, seawater, and fresh air.

Do I hear a rolling sigh of relief wash over the seven continents?

(Quickly followed by rising blood pressure and palpitating hearts?)

Is there a blink of an opening in the crack of possibilities – that maybe, just maybe you can make your art and sell your art within a new paradigm that allows for heart-centered alignment with creative aliveness?

If I’m Tired, My Guess is That You Are Too

Yes, it’s true. I am sick and tired of playing the marketing game, of working day in and day out to figure out how to engage, present, and ultimately win a sale through marketing strategies.

I’ve been pretending that because I’m a pretty smart cookie, and because I have gifts alongside a desire to serve the creative forces of life, that if I could just get all the puzzle pieces together in the right order, cash flow would magically appear. (Sound familiar?)

And while this may work for others, it is not working for me—and I don’t mean financially. I mean it’s not working from that deep center of self and soul where stillness holds all potential within a heart-centered lotus of creative power.

If Marketing Grows Cold and Stale, What Then?

I’m not advocating that you and I don’t sell what we so lovingly create and want to share with others.

What I’m suggesting is that we step into a new paradigm, one which is actually as old as the hills (maybe older), where the artist, the art, and the people who want the art support and honor each other’s aliveness in an infinity spiral of priceless, promising, and prosperous relationships where everyone benefits.

There’s Only One Problem

Online, the word relationship is fast becoming a buzzword, and artists seem to be instinctively wary of crowd gathering.

Sad when a word gets co-opted by careless overuse. And especially this one – relationship – because it’s so clear and direct.

Here are some other words offering us different flavors of relationship:








However, I can’t find another word that opens the sell-your-art door as wide as relationship does.

So, for now, let’s roll with it.

If you have nurtured a relationship into a sale without feeling as if you were marketing your art, I would love to hear that story in the comments.


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The Next Step

I have been coaching visual artists on their career path to Visionary Affluence since 2004.

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Leaning into the smell of a wood fire, these artists – intrepid visionaries every one – share their experiences with each other. A hawk cries out and circles overhead as the mountain range frames a bold streak of sunset sky deepening to blood red.

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One Response to “Is Marketing Passé for Visual Artists?”

  1. Roughly 15 years ago, L and I established a relationship while working in the same office. Similar in age, life experience and interests. We took lunches, road trips, and antiquing adventures together. Even after our jobs and locations diverged, we are still in touch and still have a great bond of friendship.

    Eight years ago I took on a personal adventure in stained-glass (to work through the deaths of both parents), and began the process of designing a 5′ tall peacock figure which I intended to hang on a copper garden trellis (another of my creations). The bird actually took 3 years to complete as I did not work on it full-time.

    I kept my fans/friends/clients up to day with the different stages of progress as I have done with all my art. L would pop in randomly and ask questions about the glass, the processes, etc.

    One day I got a phone call from her (this was a year or so after she had come through a battle with cancer), and said: “I want to buy the bird.”

    I had never mentioned I was marketing it nor had I really even though much about selling i even though another friend, E, would take me and a piece of the work around to all her friends to impress them and share the story of the bird.

    Well, I calculated up the sale price and shocked myself at a final $1,200! I told L I would sell it to her for the cost of materials but she would not hear of it. I balked back at her that it was such a high price, I wanted her to consider a compromise.

    We compromised at $900 plus installation and round-trip air fair to half-way across the US, arrange for transport of the bird (mounted to a board and picked up by a friend of hers who was driving back to her town from a rally in D.C.), a lovely weekend visit and an afternoon “Meet the artist” Tea with her friends.

    Make good friends, share your enthusiasm and progress on new works, and good things happen!

    Below is the link to the finished product mounted on a faux window which hangs in front of L’s garden window. (photo on facebook):

    Randi Jean Veiberg
    Home: 919-848-8938
    Office: 919-578-4929
    Office hours: 2pm-5pm M-F
    *”as long as you’re not finished, you can start all over again” – Joe Pug,
    Deep Dark Wells*

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