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Your smARTip for the week:

Protect Your Originals

I don’t know if you’ve ever performed a leading role on stage where you were in every scene and interacted with almost every player.

If you’ve never been there, done that, it might seem romantic or thrilling – all that attention focused on you.

That was never the case for me, even though I loved the entire process. I loved finding a voice, a character, and body language that wasn’t “me.” It was a toot!

If only I didn’t have to do it center stage, it would have been perfect.

The load of all that expectation put a damper on it for me.

In some ways, expecting your original artwork to carry the entire load of your cash flow is like that: too much expectation, too much center stage.

You don’t expect your art to always be one thing…

so why put that pressure on your cash flow?

When you expect your original art sales to be your main, even sole source of making money, the pressure can feel enormous.

…sometimes to the point of affecting your creativity and self-esteem when those originals aren’t making the grade.

Thank goodness, with all of the tools available these days, you have more options than ever to bring in cash flow above and beyond selling your original work.

And your fellow artists are doing it all the time.

Your smARTist Move of the week

This week I challenge you to find one new way, besides selling original work, to bring in income from your art.

You might be already doing this. If you are – pick a new way, something you’ve never tried before.

And tell me what you’re up to – or what other ways of bringing in artsy money you’ve come up with that’s worked for you because, after all, creativity is contagious once you let it out of the studio.


P.S. When it comes to protecting your original work, nothing’s better than plain talking legaleeze.

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