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One of the things I miss most, after stopping the smARTist Telesummits, is the revelation so many artists had about opportunities for their work that they had never before considered.

I remember one year in particular, there was a painter from Boston who had never considered Art Fairs. They just weren’t on his radar.

Until Connie Mettler’s presentation on Art Fairs.

Suddenly, he heard information that dismantled his limited view of Art Fairs—a view that had, in turn, limited his opportunities.

For one thing, he had not realized how many art fairs, even though they tend toward high-end craft/art, have a fair amount of visual fine artists too.

And, a visual fine artist stood out from the multitude of fine crafts.

Once he began to look at, and find the art fairs he felt were in line with his aesthetic, he followed every bit of advice that Connie shared.

And since Art Fairs had the potential to introduce his work to hundreds, if not thousands, of new potential collectors, he literally created an endless flow of opportunities for himself.

Your smARTist Move of the week

This week, take a look at what opportunity you have overlooked.

You might already know what this is, and if so, I challenge you to write down a list of actions to take regarding this opportunity – even if you are unsure of the outcome. Just start!

If you don’t have an overlooked opportunity staring you in the face, try this:

Right before you fall asleep, ask yourself this question: “What opportunity am I overlooking?”

The key is to assume you are, in fact, overlooking one, even if you don’t think so.

This sets your brain up to believe it’s true, and so it will actually look for you – on autopilot.

If you don’t give the brain this assumption, it has no reason to be on the lookout for you.

Next, stay alert for clues that pop up, especially from unexpected places.

And, most important, once you have a new opportunity in front of you, write that list of action steps and move forward.



  • Critical differences between weekend art fairs, national art fairs, art expos, wholesale shows, and retail shows
  • Strategies for applying and being accepted at the top art fairs
  • How to prepare images for the jurying process
  • All about display equipment, resources and costs
  • The most effective ways to price your work, set up inventory, create a sales technique, and set up credit cards
  • What kind of advance marketing has the greatest impact
  • Strategies for applying and being accepted at the top art fairs

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mettler_100Connie Mettler is a veteran of the nation’s juried fine art fairs.  She and her husband, fine art photographer Norm Darwish, traveled the country selling his work at more than 500 top-rated events from Boston and Miami, Dallas and Denver, Minneapolis and Chicago from 1987 to 2006. Now Connie publishes the #1 google rated web site for “art fairs”, ArtFairCalendar.com, the only online calendar that lists the nation’s top events.

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