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Your smARTip for the week:

Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

For years I thought my to-do list was the measure of success in any one day, or at any one point in time. (I confess, I had a very limited idea of what success was!)

Check off something on the list, and I was positively giddy.

Like any “fix,” it lasted a millisecond and then I was looking for the next item on the list, getting geared up for the next check mark.

My to-do list was losing its effectiveness as a simple tool and becoming the master of my fate.

It took me quite some time before I learned how I was using the to-do list to sabotage the success I really wanted.

For me, it was a hyper focus on the short-term that kept me from seeing, and framing the big picture.

And without the big picture, there was no way to assess which items on the to-do list were actually taking me where I wanted to go.

The shift was in moving away from the instant gratification checking something off the list was giving me, and going for the delayed, but far more satisfiying, gratification of a long-term plan.

Your smARTist Move of the week

Without being judgmental or unkind, brainstorm as many ways as you possibly can where you might be sabotaging your art career.

Brainstorming works best when you write down every single thing that comes to mind.


Because, it’s only once we put down the obvious, garden-variety ideas that come quickly and easily (and often feel too simple or stupid to bother with) that our brains become like a well-weeded garden and the gems can blossom.

Then, please come back to comment and let me know what surprised you in this exercise!


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  • a simple way to handle stress about money and success

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As one artist said at the end of Molly’s presentation:

“I am moved to say thank you, because every single thing you’ve said spoke to me so deeply. I am so grateful for the information. I’ve been sitting here in tears for the last half-hour.  The depth with which you speak and the issues that you are talking about are so profound for me, and I am really, really grateful.” ~Amadea

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One Response to “Weekly smARTips: Are You Sabotaging Your Success?”

  1. Thanks Molly, I feel my greatest way I sabotage myself is by not taking the opportunity to continue my education in my field of art out of fear of working in a group. I am sure this is lack of self confidence and therefore comparing myself and my work to those around me.

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