Friday’s Featured smARTist

Breathe in the creativity, breathe out your own.


Friday’s Featured smARTIST
are all alumni of the smARTist Telesummit


4 Responses to “Friday’s Featured smARTist”

  1. Hi Ariane,
    When I signed up to hear Richard’s recording ( I have know him for years as well!) I was sent to a site for online marketing. Tried a second time & got to the same place. How do I get where I WANT to go???

  2. Bob Ragland says:

    I coach artists on BUSINESS of art life. I don’t charge any money. I am a NON starving artist is Denver. I learned how to work out side of the traditional art system.
    I do the simple stuff that art schools won’t teach about making a living. My home studio is paid for , 15 years now. I got a newspaper story and paid the home studio off in three days.
    Any successful artist is so , by solid business practice. I am good at self promotion.

  3. Bob Ragland says:

    The smart artist will not depend on the gallery to help them pay the bills.
    They will do their own outreach, all year to make sales. I sold 26 works in the last quarter of 2013, by sending illustrated letters to two people. Got paid. I sent career updates. I never beg for buyers. My system is so simple artists never use it. I am solid on the BUSINESS side. On purpose. Real artists don’t starve.

  4. Thanks so much, Ariane, for featuring me on your blog. I continue to use many of the pointers I learned from your smARTIST tele seminars.

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