Live Call! Ariane Reviews 2 Artist Statements & Answers Your Questions


Come join me Wednesday, December 11th as I review 2 artist statements and share some other golden nuggets for you and your art!

We will talk about how to use your artist statement to expand the range of your connection with your viewers because… the more connections, the stickier you and your art becomes. The stickier you and your art become, the more they remember you!

Revealing what, how and why you do your art does not dismantle either the beauty or mystery of it. Quite the opposite. Your effort to reach out invites others to participate in the mystery and to share the beauty.

Here’s the scoop….

A Live Call with Ariane on

Wednesday, December 11th

7pm ET/ 6pm CT / 5pm MT / 4pm PT

Sign up right here to come live or get the recording afterwards!


I look forward to revealing the true spirit of your work!

One Response to “Live Call! Ariane Reviews 2 Artist Statements & Answers Your Questions”

  1. Teresa says:

    Thanks for the option of listening later. I have another commitment.
    I have really benefitted from your knowledge.

    I wrote a review for “I’d Rather Be in the Studio” for newsletter. They purchased a copy for their library. The newsletter is offered by hardcopy and email.

    All the best,

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