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Your smARTip for the week:

Where Are You Going?

Every Fall I take stock of the last three-quarters of the year. First, I look at what I wanted from the year (that would be January 2013), and then I assess how on, or off this three-quarters of my year has been.

Most of the time I’m pleased with progress in some areas, and dismayed by a lack progress in others.

Often I notice that where I’m displeased is where I’ve gone off track from my core vision for the year.

For instance, this year I was bound and determined to finish my forthcoming book, The 10 Zen Habits of Successful Artist. And, yes, the year isn’t over. However, I’m also nowhere near my original goal.

Taking stock at this point gives me the option to either ramp up the effort, change the goal line, or make some new decisions on how to deliver the book.

Since I have 6 birthdays in my primary family (where birthdays are a Big Deal) over the next four weeks, I can pretty much guarantee no ramping is in sight. And I don’t really want to change the goal line, so that leaves planning some new ways to deliver the book.

The point being that stopping the hamster wheel of work gives me a chance to reassess and re-plan.

I’ve found this simple, yet potent, question very effective when I want to line up where I am with… Where do I want to go?

The tricky part is making sure that I ask this in different domains (personal, professional, financial, and creative) since, in our twenty-first century lives, it’s never one-size-fits-all.


Your smARTist Move of the week


Here are 6 questions to help you take stock:

  1. When it comes to your art, what are you most proud of accomplishing so far in 2013?
  2. Where do you want to go with your art-career in the rest of 2013?
  3. How would you describe the three biggest art-career obstacles you’ve encountered so far this year?
  4. Right now, how would you define success for your art career?
  5. What one thing can you change in your art career, right now, that will help propel you forward?
  6. What updated professional development information have you learned in the last 3 quarters of 2013?


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