Weekly smARTips: What’s Your Story?

weekly smARTips whats your story

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Your smARTip for the week:

What’s Your Story?


Most of us carry around in our heads a private version of the “selling my art story.”

And like most things that remain largely unconscious, that “thing” becomes a puppet string pulling us in a direction we might not want.

So, the first step is to make your “selling my art story” conscious.

Here’s how:

  1. Give yourself 30 to 40 minutes of quiet, undisturbed time.
  2. Set yourself up with your favorite writing implements (pen & paper; keyboard and monitor; oil sticks and a roll of newsprint…)
  3. Close your eyes and remember the last time you were in a position to sell your work. (If you have not had this experience, play pretend—as if it really did happen!)
  4. Write a description of what happened. Where you were. What time of day it was. What was the weather. How were you feeling. Who else was there. What did you say. What did someone else say. How did the exchange start. How did it end. What did you feel when it was over.
  5. Now, get up and walk around, get a glass of water, stare out the window for a few moments. Empty your mind of everything except your breathing.
  6. Sit back down and write a 2nd description of the same event, only this time change anything you want to about any part of this story. Make it up. Make it up until you feel wonderful and satisfied about every aspect of this version.

This exercise will literally rewire the neurons in your brain so whatever does not meet your best self in the first version will become part of your internal history.

Remember, research shows that the brain has no ability to tell the difference between an external event, or the same event “made up” inside our imagination.

Imagine that!

You can create the real real story you really want.

And afterwards, pretty please come back here and tell me what this story exercise was like for you, yes?


Your smARTist Move of the week

(comes Thursday!)


I hope you downloaded the Blue Stocking Art Salon transcript and read about how some of your colleagues handle the stresses of selling their art (if you missed it, click here!), because now it’s time for a bit of practical help.

Thursday I’ll send you access to my free 29-Point Checklist “Sell Your Art—Stress Free,” so you can learn…

  • Which mindset leads to more successful sales than any other
  • The 5 things that will spell disaster for your bottom line
  • The 12 actions you must take before your art is ready to sell
  • How to engage a buyer right out of the gate
  • …and 11 more illuminating checkpoints you shouldn’t leave the studio without

Watch your inbox (and if you don’t see it by the end of the day Thursday, check your spam folder) – or email me and we’ll get this checklist to you right away.

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