Weekly smARTips: What compromises creativity?

Weekly smARTips What compromises creativity

Move your career into high gear… one tip at a time!


Your smARTip for the week:

What compromises creativity?

Just like the quality of your daily life depends on how you and your body are feeling, so too does the quality of your artwork and art career depend on how you and your body are feeling.

And nothing does creativity in more quickly than when you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or burned out – in the short term, or long term.

Here are four remedies any art career doctor would prescribe immediately:

  1. Passion running on passion juice feels great in the moment, but without learning how to be aware and intentional about your passion, you run the risk of literally running dry.
  2. There are two kinds of clutter. 1) The “I can’t stand this mess a minute longer” kind. 2) And the “I know exactly where to put my hands on anything” clutter. The trick is not to fool your self about number two when it has shaped shifted into number one.
  3. Putting yourself first is not selfish, it’s the key to true health since without your mind, body and spirit thriving, how on earth will you be able to take care of others over a whole lifetime?
  4. Pay attention to the authentic rhythm of how you work and play so you can increase your productivity with grace and ease.


Your smARTist Move of the week


This week, pick one of the four remedies above – the one that speaks to you the most – and explore it.

For #1:  Keep this Q in mind as you go about your daily life: What would change if I was aware and intentional about my passion for making art?

For #2: Which kind of clutter is surrounding you? And, do you pick on yourself about not being as organized as you want, or do you explore ways to gentle yourself into “just enough” organization?

For #3: What one thing can you do this week 100% for yourself – and feel great about it?

For #4: What would it feel like to move through a day dancing to your own drummer? Pick a day and give it a whirl.

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