Hiding Out, Eating In

hiding out eating inYou’ve known me to disappear from this blog before, yes? Which, considering I am a writer, is pretty darn odd.

I love to write. I don’t like blogging. Something wasn’t copesetic in Kansas.

And because this has been going on ever since I put this blog up, I knew browbeating myself wasn’t going to work.

So, what was? What was going to turn the tide? Pizza or Chinese?

Turns out I’ve been afflicted with a generational tick: looking professionally perfect.

This is a very Old World kink from the days when you had to make sure your slip wasn’t showing. (Does anyone even wear slips anymore?) Or you didn’t have spinach stuck between your front teeth. (That’s probably still a good idea.)

And I really, really, really thought I’d kicked this habit – you know, all social media cool and everything.


But not when it came to this blog. Not here. No, here I expected myself to come up with an earth shattering post on some aspect of art careers that would rock your world (and make me look  good too).

And, as those who follow me know, this is an expectation way out of my reach and so, even on my tip toes, I can only pull off my version of a perfectionist post once in a while.

Now everything is changing.

For openers, even though I have tons of resources and a closet full of skill sets, the career and business aspects of art careers simply don’t sing to me anymore. (We’ll get to what does sing to me in a moment…)

I don’t mean I won’t use what I know and have when an artist is working with me, but I am  stepping out from behind my wall of marketing and business “shoulds” so I can deepen into what gives me real joy.

It also means I’m going to be blogging from in imperfect space, from a space where I might not even know what the heck I will blog about when I start. I could ramble, not make a lot of sense, and, yes, tell you what I had for lunch!

I’m aiming for a spirit of transparency and imperfection and conversation.

I’m done hiding out.

How about you–is there something you’ve been hiding from lately?


Oh, right, what’s singing to me these days?

Well, even here I don’t have a super clear response. I know what I love is working with visual fine artists one-on-one. And I love interviewing successful artists and finding out what makes them tick. And I’m really curious about things like art and spirituality. Art and wholeness. How creativity affects our lives. Your artist fingerprint. Your relationship to your art.

I guess that’s the big one: Your relationship to your art. That’s where I seem to listen most intently and hear things from a deeply intuitive place of Soul.

And from that perspective – your relationship to your art – I also find websites fascinating and frustrating. Frustrating because so many artists have no real idea what makes a good artist website.

And fascinating because all the potential of the Online Universe is just sitting there, waiting for you!

If your website is bugging you, check out this offer, which will only be available to the first 7 sign ups.


10 Responses to “Hiding Out, Eating In”

  1. Hi Ariane – Congratulations on finding clarity and the courage to trash all the “should” in your life and career. Blessings and best wishes my friend. – Shirley

  2. Can’t wait read your meanderings! Hugs, Carol

  3. Pam Comeau says:

    The less rigid I feel about the stucture of my day, the more liberated my creativity is. I say ‘Yay for pizza and Yay for the freedom to feel liberated from the oppression of adulthood!!!’

  4. Well isn’t this just what the cook ordered: a whole bevy of artists in my backyard. Maybe I need a veggie barbecue instead of pizza or Chinese?

    It’s so good to know all of you are cheering me on…Yay!!!

  5. Diana Tripp says:

    There is such liberation in simply telling the Truth. the “should’s” are all in our head – and run by our little egos. We all need to tell the Truth as to what’s really happening – and then find out what lights our fire. You’ve done all of that, Ariane. so, i don’t see a problem here. I’m sure you’ll get the perfect 7 students to light up your life – and certainly, their’s as well.
    Seeing Braco in 2 weeks!!!
    Love always,

  6. karin says:

    Good for you, glad.to hear you are off the hamster wheel. I feel the same as you,trying to be creative and keep a rigid schedule just don’t really mix. look forward to hearing your future.

  7. Oh, I love it: hamster wheel it was (and kept getting that damn slip caught in the updraft!).

    I’m also learning that there is a mix of schedule and chaos – a chadule, so to speak, that gives me the best of both worlds – a bit of priority setting without the exact when defining it – maybe just a day of X. Or a morning of X.

    I’m experimenting…

  8. Kate Aubrey says:

    Oh, man, Arianne. How am I ever going to get that image out of my mind? Hamster. In skirt. Running on wheel. Trying to push skirt back down while she runs. Aackk!

    So, you like to interview-and-write-about artists, creativity and intelligence, cultural pressures/contributions, spirituality and how they all work together. Artistic fingerprints. (hmm. new watercolor idea happening here) Artists’ relationships to their art.

    I would read about that.

    If you go to this address: http://d2918aghi3b457.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/Queries_WCA_2012.pdf?857ea1
    You can get the Query/Publication guidelines for Watercolor Artists Magazine. The Artists Magazine has guidelines on their site, too.
    Honey, you can write (and have a successful published book behind you), you can think, you are a great interviewer, and you have excellent rapport with artists as well as a uniquely creative mind. From the editors’ points of view you come with an automatic audience.
    They Might Pay You to do all the things you love that are pulling at you right now.

    Just a thought.


  9. Kate, you are too dear.

    Whenever I get caught in a story about myself that I don’t like, I’m going to come back and read your comment!!!

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