The Lingo. Ringo. Bingo. of Social Media

When I first heard the words “social media,” I had 3 years of the smARTist Telesummit under my belt, had sold thousands of copies of my Writing The Artist Statement book, and coached dozens of private artist clients.

I barely had time to brush my teeth, much less prance around a “social” site with old high school classmates-who never gave me the time of day, way-back-when, in the first place.

I admit to a glop of self-righteousness:  I (oh, no, not I) wasn’t going to fall for this latest Internet hula hoop. I was going to stay focused on the business of serving artists. (See me, with my nose in the air?)

Then, marketing guru Adam Urbanski held a series of…online classes with the incomparable Mari Smith and salsa-smart Nancy Marmolejo.

Yikes! Here was a fast moving train that was leaving me standing at the station.

Before Adam’s teleclass, I had heard the terms “social media” and gathering “friends” on Facebook – but, hey Buddy, I had a business to run.

Lingo. Ringo. Bingo.

And this is the FIRST thing about social media that makes me crazy: the lingo, ringo, bingo of it all.

I’m a word-smith – that’s my artistic calling. I love words, and I’m a freak about accuracy. Does “that” word say exactly what you want it to say?

I’m all over it when words misrepresent, or fall over themselves in a jumble, or try to make a point like a teenage boy outgrowing his shirt sleeves.

Let’s face it, “social” does not, and never has, meant “professional,” or “business,” or “in service to others,” or “creating a community of authentic relationships.”

As for “friend” – puhlease – a “friend” is in direct contrast to a “colleague” or a “business” contact.

Then Twitter flew in and I was all like… you’ve got to be kidding – I’ve got time to tweet?

Like a Birdie on A Wire

And here’s the SECOND thing that drives me crazy: how fast it all changes!

After finally putting up a blog (I was uber slow on that one too), I had just settled down, fluffing my feathers and finding my balance on the Internet wire, when I heard that blogs were dead and social networking, aka social media, was rising on the horizon.

What the #!*@~!

… yeah, I know, swearing isn’t my style. But honestly, the rise of social media, after 80-hour work weeks on the smARTist Telesummit (I told you, I’m uber slow), unglued me just the teeniest bit.

Thank goodness I learned – from Joan Stewart – that blogs were an integral part of the social media whirling world.

And from Nancy Marmolejo I learned that it doesn’t have to cheat you out of hours in a day; there are sneaky ways to set up all the social networking sites and accounts so you can just do a few clicks a day and you are all set.

So, all was not lost after all. Whew!

And you have to admit, the Fail Whale is kinda cool

The LAST thing about social media that makes me crazy is how it blew my I’m-a-serious-professional cover story right off my carefully laid out map.

You see, I was looong on work and short on play.

I was the poster child for: Serious Work Serving Serious Artists.

(Hey! Who wants to do a tongue-in-cheek poster for this? Submit it to ariane (at) smartist (dot) com and the best one wins my new Social Media Bundle of 4 smARTist Keynote Presentations-and a lifetime of free upgrades each time I add something new to this bundle.)

What finally convinced me to jump onto the Social Media train was the idea that here was a place to hang out with kindred spirits at an Internet-style coffee house.

You could talk shop, or goof around, or find out what art was showing in what city around the world… Suddenly, professional became a mixture of workPlay, where creative revelations softened marketing and selling by adding the like and trust factors.

And then, I fell in love with Twitter and its 140 character tweet limits, and the rest, as they say, is herstory.


Don’t know what the “Fail Whale” is? Think social media is going to eat up all your studio time? Can’t see yourself tweeting & friending?

Clearly, it’s time for you to get on this train with me.  Click here and read all about it!

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