Tuesday’s Bragging Rights

Congratulations to smARTist Alumni Kathleen O’Brien for being selected as the Artist of the Month at The Art List.

Kathleen O'Brien - Song Sparrow Egg

Since the beginning of my art career in 1968, I have persistently empowered my life and art with the perceptible transformative presence of energy. Nature is an enduring source of inspiration, and its essence is palpable in all my work. Art is a spiritual practice that I approach with the intention to transmit the beauty I encounter. I have exhibited my artwork in over 100 venues nationally, consult and teach.

I was born in Japan and lived in Italy, Colorado and many places in between. I am primarily self-taught, and am grateful to my first teacher, my grandfather, and the classes I attended at Kunstshule Rödel, Germany, Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC, and the Naropa University, Boulder, CO. I acknowledge my spiritual teachers, Wallace Black Elk and other Native American Elders, who impressed on me the aliveness of the Earth. I work full time from the home studio I designed and my husband built at Sunwise Farm and Sanctuary. I am a recipient of the 2012 Al Smith Fellowship from the Kentucky Arts Council.

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As one of the benefits of receiving this honor, her art is currently featured on The Art List’s Facebook Fan Page showing a collage of her artwork.

Dear Friends, winning this honor makes me happy! On this link you can find my interview and art.

For those of you who are artists, I recommend subscribing to The Art List. It is the best source for opportunities I have found.
~Kathleen O’Brien

You can learn more about Kathleen at her website http://www.kathleen-obrien.com.

Congratulations Kathleen!

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