Courage in a Conference

As you may know, “Tuesday’s Bragging Rights” is an exclusive feature for the Alumni of the smARTist Telesummit – those artists who make a commitment to take their art careers to the next level – no excuses.

And every year, from the time the conference /telesummit begins–and for months and months afterwards–the artists who come tell me heart singing stories.

Here’s the latest one…

Your smARTist Conference gave me the courage to write my book!

Wind: The Story of a Wild Horse Rescue, a new book about saving the Wild Mustang. It’s an adventure book that features over a 100 of my horse sketches. A portion of the proceeds goes to horse protection organizations.  ~ Denise Brown


Wouldn’t you like to take your courage out of a bottle and put it into something that can inspire you to action?  Denise Brown did and look where it landed her!

Note: The “Early Bird Special” for the smARTist Telesummit Home Study Edition is ready right now, just click here.

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