Success Out the Wazoo: 3 Short Stories

Maryann Pranulis in Crystal City

Here are 3 short stories of wildly successful artists—three of my smARTist Alumni—who talk with me about how the smARTist Telesummit, and private coaching, changed the course of their careers with concrete information, unprecedented support, and intelligent connection.

Story #1 – How An Artistic Fingerprint Unlocked Her Success Gate

Maryann Pranulis was a three-time, returning smARTist Alumni when she decided to challenge herself to more. And it worked!

Maryann Pranulis Interview

[To hear the 14-minute interview, click the audio arrow above.]

Shifting from confusion and frustration, Maryann focused on defining her artist fingerprint, which in turn allowed her to talk and write intelligently about her work, which led to more confidence, which led to a new-found ability to discriminate between opportunities that knocked on her door, and the ones who wanted to steel the silverware.

One of these, a downtown business district dedicated to promoting artists, approached her after a successful local exhibition.

Now her work is a series of 10’ x 10’ public installations on the streets of Crystal City, MD.


Maryann has, once again, registered for the 2012 smARTist Telesummit, and she’ll be really happy to see you there!


Story #2 – How smARTist inspired a Television Series

I’m going to let Rod Moore tell you in his own words. Here’s the email he sent me a couple of weeks ago:

Hi Ariane …

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you.

I have come to smARTist for last two years and found the conference invaluable.  I’ve listened to all the CD’s over and over and I have to say they opened my mind to a world of possibility.

So much so that one thought led to another and I started asking questions like …What do I most love about art? and How can I build my career around that.

Shortly after asking those questions, I came up with the idea for a TV show focused on ‘Plein Air Painting,’ where I could combine my passion for painting with travel.

Within a few months I had negotiated an agreement with television network and we go to air early December.

I just wanted to say thanks and let you know what a huge impact your smARTist has had on me.

I will be signing up again for sure :)


Rod Moore


Rod has, once again, registered for the 2012 smARTist Telesummit. He’s wondering what new, art-career inspirations will drop in his lap up this time!


Story #3 – How The “Confidence/Vulnerability Partnership” Unleashed Success

Jeanne Bessette (top row, 2nd from the left)

Jeanne is an emerging artist who is taking the East Coast by storm, and has now cast her eye on California.

With 9 galleries, and counting, she was on the December cover of Art Business News, just landed two new commissions, contacted by even more galleries, approached by a school in British Columbia to teach workshops, and a California agent who works with placing art in corporations.

Jeanne has this uncanny ability to wave a magic wand, and wala! Success.

She too speaks right up about spirituality and how her conscious awareness of that dimension of reality reaps ongoing rewards.

Jeanne Bessette Interview

[To hear the 17-minute interview, click the audio arrow above.]

“In hindsight, here is what I know I got from coaching with Ariane: Better focus on what I want. Less overwhelm.  More confidence and alignment with my purpose. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and trust my intuition more… Lessons from you keep percolating but these are the most obvious.” ~Jeanne Bassette


When you register for the 2012 smARTist Telesummit, I will be there engaging with you on the Forum and during the live Q&A with each of our 10 speakers.

If there is any stumbling block in your way, we’ll work together to dissolve it once and for all.

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