#ArtBlue-What About The Power of Art?

It’s been almost two weeks since our first Blue Stocking Art Salon began and the emails continue to come in from artists who were with us live, and artists who listened to the recording.

In that first conversation, I commented on how refreshing it was to talk about something besides marketing and business.

And it seems that the artists on the call thought so too. Here are a couple of quick excerpts that Lori (my Art Salon compatriot!) pulled out…from the recording. See if this resonates with you.

And keep in mind, this is only the beginning…

Blue Stocking Art Salon (twitter aka: #ArtBlue) No.1

Artist No.1 – I feel that art actually saved my life.  Even as a young child, it gave me the will to fight. It allowed me to find out who I was in my little world that had suddenly been turned upside down.

As a young child you think you’re safe and secure in your own home; and then, to be taken away from home and put in a hospital with other kids that are dying, you come back knowing that anything could happen at any time.

So art became my foundation, as well as allowed me to expand my mind, as a young child.  It was my philosopher’s tool, as it were.

I feel that, these days, children are being short-changed on their experiences with the creative arts.  I see a lot of children (I have a Masters in art education) that have a hard time expressing feelings or thoughts; either verbally, or visually, or through the written word.  And it just breaks my heart.

Lori – That’s the place I come from.  Art is what saved me too.  I came to it late; I started out as a scientist, and came to art sort of through the back door.  But, once I discovered it, and discovered that I had the ability to draw what I saw (which I had never done before), I realized that something in me, that had been empty, was filled.  And so, it really saved me.

I love what you just said about, as a child, making the world so it satisfied you.  I think that’s a critical function of art—of any kind of art that we, as children, do naturally.

What I don’t hear talked about much—it’s kind of hidden—is the power of art.

I think we are in a world that doesn’t (at least, our culture) appreciate its true power.  And I think that lack of appreciation trickles down to us as artists; that it’s not out in the open—what we do, and what it does for us.

Artist No.2 – What I have learned in listening to all of you today is that chances are, as artists, we embark on a journey that we don’t know where it’s going to take us.  Probably we will evolve along the way.  And our mission, and our voice, and our purpose for creating may change.

Something that I’ve felt very strongly about for some time is that, I think, as artists, we serve each other and ourselves really in the best way possible if we are completely open-minded with what others are doing; and with what we are doing.

I think there’s so much judgment in the world, about what is art, what it is not; what is valid, what is not.  I think if we want to elevate humanity, we need to start with supporting everyone’s voice.  And I want to be clear, I don’t think anyone has implied anything other than that today; but it’s just something that’s always been really important to me.

Ariane – Can you say just a little bit more, [Artist 2], about what you mean by “elevating humanity?”

Artist No.2 – Well, I.M. Pei once said that the purpose of art is to move; and I definitely agree with that.  So, I think, as artists that we’re in the world differently than other people.  I think we see, feel, hear, touch, and taste differently.  And, in turn, we have the ability to sort of touch this glint of light, if you will, and then it becomes our job to bring it out into the world.  And that can take many, many forms.

I think sometimes we express the things that other people can’t express.  We open people’s minds to things they may not have considered; or allow them to look at things a little bit differently.  There are so many possibilities—more than I could ever mention here today.  But I think we hold a special place, and a special opportunity.


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