Dreaming Big Works!

Usually, the stream of emails pouring into my inbox, after the 7 days of the  smARTist Telesummit is over, comes from my amazing artist participants.

After four years of doing this, it never fails to humble me, and make me eternally grateful, that the work I’ve chosen is spinning out to light inspirational fires for those artists who are passionate and committed enough to join me, the speakers (leading authorities on different aspects of an artist’s career), and their fellow artists (the smARTist Telesummit Forum is a lively, artist-to-artist exchange of tips, tricks, and heartfelt, smart suggestions from a wealth of collective experience).

What never occurred to me, was that…one of my speakers would use smARTist to move her own art career in a direction she had dreamed about, but never – until now – accomplished.

What struck me most about Lucia’s story is how moving ahead on one dream automatically opened the floodgates for even more to appear.

I think it’s a good lesson to let in the front door of our psyches, so we are continually replacing caution and timidity with “why not?”

Here is Lucia Capcchione’s story :

Dear Ariane:
When I accepted your invitation to be a speaker at your smARTist Telesummit, I had no idea I’d ever be opening a gallery and marketing my art directly.

Then, in April of 2009, a gallery space became available in Cambria where I live. I asked some local friends to join me – quite a spontaneous “whim” – and they all agreed. We started with 4 artists. One dropped out due to health issues and we now have a total of 5 artists, including myself.

After opening the gallery, my art career from the 60s and 70s re-emerged without me doing anything about it. Northen Sun in Minnesota contacted me after seeing my 60s and 70s posters being auctioned by someone on ebay. So now, I have licensed this company to produce my posters and cards from the 60s and 70s in new editions.

As you know from the teleseminar, prior to opening the gallery I was doing personal life and career coaching with my Visioning® method and conducting my certification training in Creative Journal Expressive Arts. Still authoring books (mostly ebooks now) and doing a few public workshops each year.

Now that I’m not traveling as much, I am at home in Cambria working in the gallery 2 days a week. It’s been quite an adventure. I even started designing wearable art jewelry for something to do while sitting the gallery. I am also selling antique and vintage Japanese kimonos (been collecting them for years) in the gallery. Seems that I’ve come full circle with my art career and hobby collecting kimonos. I’m also on etsy.com

I thought you’d be intrigued by all these new developments. I know I am. I do know that in the 70s, when I was still involved in my art career, I had dreamed of having a gallery/book store/coffee shop. Well, I sell my 13 books and audios at our gallery and there is an open door to the business next door, Lily’s Coffee House. So I got my dream after all. I guess it was time.

Best to you and the smARTist Telesummit!

Lucia Capacchione


Living  your dream, and all that comes with it, is never out of reach. It’s as close as your next decision. Your next choice.

Is there some place where you still feel that you need to be cautious and careful for fear of mis-stepping? Or, are your arms open wide to life and the reality that taking just one step forward will lead you to the next, and the next… until your dream is fully manifested before you.

One path that has given countless artists exactly what they need to move forward is the smARTist Telesummit. And smARTist 2011 promises to keep up this annual tradition of helping artists create a smart, sophisticated, and successful art career.

I urge you to sign up for the Interest List. There’s no obligation – AND the people on this list will be the first to hear when registration opens (seats are limited to 500 this year), and will have first dibs on the one-and-only Early Bird Discount.

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