Another Bright Idea Bites The Dust

When I invited Molly Gordon to come speak at my very first smARTist Telesummit in 2007, and she accepted, I knew exactly what I was doing.

Molly has one a way of explaining complex or etherial ideas so I feel as if I’m looking into a clear Alpine stream.

In her most recent blog post, she lays out exactly what happens when one more bright idea of ours bites the dust.

In Molly’s own words:

Have you ever had a great idea–or two–that you were eager to act on, but you couldn’t seem to get moving? It could have been an art project, a blog, a book. Whatever it was, the initial inspiration seemed so clear, and then? Mush.

Want to read it all? She gives you crystal clear steps for dusting off your bright idea so it can shine on its own.


And yes! Molly is returning for smARTist Telesummit 2011, where she’s going to give you an easy peasy recipe for pricing your art.

If you haven’t put yourself on the 2011 smARTist Interest List, I strongly suggest doing it now before you forget. Because, that will be the only group who hears about the Early Bird Discount that will be here and gone in the blink of an eye. Don’t miss it!

3 Responses to “Another Bright Idea Bites The Dust”

  1. Hooray! I’m glad to know Molly will be back for the 2011 Telesummit. And thank you for referencing her blog for those of us who have a great idea that’s stalled. I’m working on such a project, myself, at the moment (see “Green Glass Bottles…Stalled” on my blog: but I shall persevere AND read Molly’s blog in the process!!

    • Ariane says:

      Oh, Amanda, so good to hear from you.
      Maybe, after you read what Molly has to say, offer up a comment for her and reference your ‘stalled’ out blog post…could get some good cross linking and cross thinking going here…

  2. Molly Gordon says:

    Woohoo! So glad that post is helpful, Ariane. Writing Conditions of Satisfaction has gotten me unstuck twice in the last two weeks–and both times the idea to start there was something of a revelation, followed by “Duh!” :)

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