The Pattern Is There Is No Pattern

Abstrace 1/3 by Lori Wolfson

Abstract 1/3 by Lori Wolfson

All is tumbling down.  How to proceed safely?  Where to step when everything is shifting?  Like Alice, falling, falling, I wonder at the strangeness of my surroundings as I sink.  What is this sudden hurtling rush of events and circumstances, and what am I to make of them?

Like the midpoint in a painting, when you’re far enough away from the beginning to… forget where you’ve come from and what you were seeking, and far enough away from completion to know the naked possibility of being thoroughly lost.  Which brush to use next, and where to lay it, and with what expression?  With what hope or trepidation?  What is this I am making?  Who am I now, so far from where I’ve been before?  And where will it all take me?

Abstract 2/3 by Lori Wolfson

Abstract 2/3 by Lori Wolfson

At times like these I turn to a different coping mechanism than in less exciting and turbulent periods.  I try not to make too many decisions at once, to not think ahead too much, in order to allow space for tender new ideas to show themselves and lead me, like fawns appearing in the sun-dappled meadow in the early Spring light, beckoning me to open to the always new and beautiful world.

Abstract 3/3 by Lori Wolfson

Abstract 3/3 by Lori Wolfson

4 Responses to “The Pattern Is There Is No Pattern”

  1. These abstracts seem like topsy-turvy worlds I’d like to be able to enter and move through with ease and grace…

  2. Lori Wolfson says:

    Wow, Kristin, you get it. They are worlds. It’s taken me a long time to figure that out, but they are worlds that I create and enter at the same time. I think they have something to do with the structure of the microcosm/macroscosm that lies just below the surface of everything. As above, so below…

  3. The problem is, I can’t stop looking at (into) them. ;)

  4. Lori Wolfson says:

    Oh, dear. Well, just follow a line and sooner or later it’ll probably lead you to an edge, then grab onto that edge and fling yourself over, back into the ‘real’ world. Good luck!

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