Late Night Parade

Last night as I was drifting into dreams the thought came to me that I am somehow searching for visual constants when I draw and paint from nature and from the works of other artists who came before me.

I spent eight days in a row drawing in the Rosicrucian Museum a few weeks ago, and found that on the last day or so…my heart was singing out certain recurring forms as I fell asleep at night.

It was as if I had discovered certain essential motifs in the Egyptian visual language and, having learned them, was playing with them to create my own metaphorical promenade. My mind was exuberantly parading these hues, curves, and edges in front of me for the sheer joy of it.

It was amazing!  Like dancing to the rhythms of a great jam band, with everything working together seeking synchronicity.  But instead of modulations of auditory vibrations, this music was made up of the delicate wisps of light and color which can only be seen out of the far corner of the dreamy eye.

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