Down To Earth


Patchwork Elephant

Patchwork Elephant

I’m just getting back into my studio after about a five-month interlude.  I had laid aside my pencils and brushes and made my way back into… the job market.  It was good to take care of business and I don’t mind a hiatus from art once in a while, but now it is time to get back to my true job.  

Five months is a long time to let a studio languish  

There were piles and cobwebs to be plowed through before I could reach the easel and gather together the tools and materials I needed to begin working.  And then there was the puzzle of what did I want to do and where did I want to start.  All I knew was I was itching to get my hands on some pigment again and push it around.

Just when you think something’s over and done with

In the process of digging through piles I stumbled upon some studies I had done of animals in natural history museums.  For one reason or another these particular drawings never took shape.  I had stuck them away in my flat file and gone on to other things, thinking they were over and done with, and oh well, that’s just how it goes, win some, lose some.


But now they grab me, call for me to return to them and engage again. After all there’s nothing to lose.  They’re already lost.  Nothing precious or precarious about them.  Just jump in and play.

When abandonment is not neglect, but completion

So I leap back in with abandon, letting myself go wherever my fancy takes me, building upon the foundation that was laid before.  It’s intriguing to mix the real with the abstract.  It’s freeing to be loose with an image where before I was so serious about getting it right.

By coming at these images from a different perspective it turns out that I am bringing them to completion.  What was inaccessible before, what was just out of reach, seems to offer itself to me.  I am having fun where I was once in Hell.  I know what goes where and why.

That’s one of the good things about time passing.  Sometimes things come back around and this time you’re ready for them. 

Rainbow Zebra

Rainbow Zebra

6 Responses to “Down To Earth”

  1. Isobel says:

    Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.

    G.K. ChestertonJames, psychologist and philosopher (1842-1910)

  2. Lori Wolfson says:

    Yes! Let the angels carry me…

  3. Lynne Oakes says:

    The drawings are truly beautiful and so what happened for you here was certainly the right thing! I think your point of view on such a matter that all artists have experienced (I have drawers full of such things) is just the right light touch on the subject. Now I need to live for several hundred more years so I can do this with so much art I have at various stages….

  4. This is one of life’s wonderful coincidences, I also have not painted since August 15, 2008 because of financial changes in my life, forcing me to take on more graphics work to pay the bills. I look at and study my unfinished art on the walls and easel at momentary glances every day. I too, see and feel new things that I did not see or felt before because of the fresh and relaxed eyes and emotions I have now resulting from taking a three month break of physically touching the canvas. I am adapting to my busier work schedule and regaining the energy and clearness to start pushing and pulling paint on the close to completed canvases. Now, I feel much freer and “know what to do next” when I pick up a brush because of the insight I gained from “life forcing me” to take a break, relax, and take a look at my art from different perspectives and moods. I am now re-planning daily blocks of studio time and am passionately ready to squeeze fresh paint out, mix colors in medium, and convert what I see and feel onto canvas.

  5. Lori Wolfson says:

    Looks like we’re on the same page here. Or the same canvas. Working together even though separated by time and space, and sharing the same experiences. It’s good to remember that the bigger picture holds us all and if we just stay present our visions will find their way through us and out into the world. Without a doubt.

  6. Isobel says:

    Lori, you are the angel. You are carried to completion by your will to allow this. Always.

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