Taking Risks

On March 30, 2007 my new gallery was only at 90% of completion with the Grand Opening that night. I expected at least 300 people. What a riot.

March 30, 2008 - Leopold Gallery at 90%

March 30, 2008 - Leopold Gallery at 90%

Did moving to this enormous space involve a risk? Oh yeah. Couldn’t I have just stayed in our smaller gallery? Not if I wanted to grow. What would happen if my plan didn’t succeed? I’d fail. Did I consider that an option? No.

The Work of Dreams

I couldn’t move this whole dream forward without a larger space. Yes, we burned a lot of capital renovating, and I spent much more time overseeing the work than I wanted, working 80-hour weeks to balance the transition with new business, old business, and everyday operations.

Leopold Gallery gearing up for Grand Opening

Leopold Gallery gearing up for Grand Opening

So it’s a toss of the dice, which I feel compelled to toss about once every couple of years. But I don’t really consider myself a risk-taker; rather I consider myself a risk manager.

As I believe you all know, you can’t realize great dreams without taking certain risks. It would have been far more comfortable, and less costly, to stay where we were.

When the Old is Too Small

But I was being hampered by the limits of the space, location, etc. This new location offers nothing but more opportunity: a classroom for a whole range of instruction, endless floor and wall space, several offices for staff, a reading area for clients to sip coffee, and quiet little sleeping loft for afternoon naps.

Setting up this gig damned near worn me out. But the whole time I was working so hard, pushing my body and mind to their absolute limits of endurance, I just kept thinking of how grateful I was.

The Question is: What Price not to risk?

I mean rice farmers in Vietnam work this hard their whole lives, with almost no chance of breaking out. And here I have nothing but opportunity stretching out before me.

Yes, this move was a considerable risk… just like choosing to live the artist’s life itself is a risk (as if we have a moral choice). But I wouldn’t have it any other way… would you?

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  1. nope, i love my risky bussiness. i love waking up every morning and not knowing what the day has in store for me. its one the the best feeling ever.

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